Iron March Neo-Nazi Kevin Brownfield (AZ)

Iron March was an international fascist web forum that was taken offline in 2017. The site supported multiple far-right extremist organizations, including the US-based Atomwaffen Division. In November 2019 the forum’s SQL database was published on the internet, and anti-fascist researchers began analyzing the leaked data in an effort to identify forum users. You can view and search the data here, thanks to an interface provided by The Jewish Worker.

This release was contributed by Utah Anti-Fascists

We have identified “Iron Lion,” Iron March user #14627, as Kevin Michael Brownfield of Phoenix, Arizona. Kevin didn’t stay long at Iron March, but he did leave behind some personal information that was useful in identifying him. He gave us his location – Arizona; and he said he was “a writer currently working on a blog as well as writing for a local Christian magazine.” His IP addresses confirm that he was located in the Phoenix/Tempe area. In his introductory post, he also claimed to have “skills in doxxing,” which he used to identify anti-fascists through his (now-suspended) “twitter page.” You’d think his doxxing experience would have taught him why it’s not a good idea to use an email address with your real name in it to register for an account at a fascist forum. (Spoiler: it didn’t.) Continue reading “Iron March Neo-Nazi Kevin Brownfield (AZ)”