Denver Proud Boy Joshua Michael Gillespie (CO)

Joshua Michael Gillespie is a 39-year-old man living in Denver, Colorado. He is also an active member of the extreme right group The Proud Boys, has attended several protest events with the Proud Boys, and regularly promotes them on his social media. Let’s get to know Joshua and his Proud Boy affiliation a bit better!

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4th Degree Proud Boy – Joshua Frashuer (CO)

Joshua Joseph Frashuer is a 4th degree member of the SPLC designated hate group the Proud Boys. Joshua is 37 years old, lives in Aurora, Colorado, and works as a project manager at Shamrock Painting. Joshua’s Facebook is full of anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and homophobic comments.

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White Supremacist Proud Boy Dean Daniel Van Zandt Jr. aka The Zodiak Doxxer (CO)

Dean Daniel Van Zandt Jr. lives in Pueblo, Colorado, works at Collins Aerospace, and is a member of the SPLC designated hate group the Proud Boys. Dean is also a white supremacist pagan who publishes false doxx’s of innocent individuals, claiming they are anti-fascists under the name Zodiak Doxxer. Dean runs a Pueblo kink group on Kik called PuebloBDS.

Additional information about Dean can be found here.

A script to contact Dean’s employer can be found here.

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Proud Boy Propagandist Louis Zachary Huey (CO)

Louie Huey is a second degree Proud Boy and the host of the livestream podcast Major League Liberty. When Louie isn’t drunkenly yelling about Antifa™ into his computer he’s organizing with Neo-Nazis like the (former) Traditionalist Workers Party and the Goyim Defense League. Louie bills itself as libertarian, but is largely a mouthpiece for Trump supporters. Case in point: Roger Stone was a recent guest. Louie is very active in the Denver area, covering rallies and events of interest to the “blue lives matter” crowd. Louie is also not above “hitting the streets” for some ridiculous “gotcha”-style journalism, and has become a well-known nuisance for Denver-area activists. Continue reading “Proud Boy Propagandist Louis Zachary Huey (CO)”

Proud Boy Zach Lightner (CO)

Zachary Graham Lightner is a member of the SPLC designated hate group the Proud Boys who lives in Peyton, Colorado, and is the operations manager at his family’s lumber business JW Hardwoods.

On August 4th, 2018, Joey Gibson held his latest Patriot Prayer event. Like most of his events it was a thinly-veiled excuse to terrorize the city of Portland. The rhetoric leading up to the event was full of references to “cleansing” the streets of Portland. Gibson and his ilk didn’t have to do much, because the Portland Police Bureau decided to violently unleash the wrath of the state on the Anti-Fascist protesters while shielding literal Nazis.

For some reason, Proud Boys from across the nation traveled to Portland to support Gibson. Even with the out of state auxiliaries, Gibson was still hopelessly outnumbered.

One of the Proud Boys who travelled to Portland for the promise of commiting acts of violence, arm-in-arm with guys with Confederate Flag shields and Kek costumes was Peyton resident Zach Lightner

Lightner, and his goofy fucking cowboy hat, have become a regular part of the Colorado Springs Proudboys traveling shit show. His distinctive cowboy hat was caught on camera with Unite The Right participant and former generator-mechanic-turned-GI-Joe Shane Reeves, who was filmed conspiring to commit kidnapping.

Shane Reeves – When you never left the FOB on active duty but you want to look tough for the “soyboys”
Lightner adding the finishing touches to a Blue Lives Murder flag.

While they were in town they made sure to pose for a photo op with the Portland Fascists

Lightner (with that fucking hat…) next to “Tiny” Toese, a violent extremist. In the Front row, sporting the CNN Fake news shirt is Louis Huey, a Denver-area InfoWars wannabe.
Totally normal stuff, nothing to look at here.

The Proud Boys in Colorado have an extensive history of organizing violent events and trying to crash events held by local activists. They have a particular boner for the Empowerment Solidarity Network, an activist group made up of people of color who have organized critical viewings of Childish Gambino’s “This is America” and workshops on toxic masculinity.

Charlottesville Participant & Nazi Proud Boy Shane Reeves (CO)

Shane Reeves is a neo-Nazi member of the hate group the Proud Boys, likely living in Louisville, Colorado & working as a mover. Reeves took part in the deadly Charlottesville white nationalist rally in 2017 that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer. Shane is formerly associated with the Colorado III%ers and the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, and was at the June 10th March Against Sharia in Denver.

Additional information about Shane Reeves can be found here.

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The Ancaps of Colorado – Martin Meyers: Child Predator

Martin Meyers is a 30 year old anti-Semitic Anarcho-Capitalist from Colorado Springs who manages the Facebook page Being Anarcho-Capitalist and is closely aligned with the Colorado Proud Boys. Martin Meyers is a child predator whose most recent ex-girlfriend was barely 17 when they met.

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Boulder Free Speech Rally 6/3/2017

Today in Boulder, Colorado the Proud Boys Colorado put on a “Free Speech Rally” in which a handful of Proud Boys, augmented by a bunch of Anarcho-Capitalists motivated entirely by a desire to spite Antifa, milled about awkwardly behind two rows of police barricades while a dozen Boulder PD in riot gear stood behind them and 200 angry counter protestors yelled at them. Why all the outcry over the Proud Boys?

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