White Supremacist Diplomat Fritz Berggren of Colorado Springs

Earlier this week, Politico outed U.S. diplomat Fritz Berggren as the author of a virulently antisemitic Christian nationalist blog called Blood and Faith. Berggren’s hatred is not limited to Jewish people; he also uses his blog to rail against POCs, Marxists, Antifa and BLM, the ADL and the SPLC, progressives, the UN, and secular society as a whole, deeming these groups Satanic and anti-white. He is a vocal advocate for white, Christian ethnostates.

Bergrann’s public voter record, containing his address, can be found here.

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Pennsylvania National Guard & Patriot Front Member Andrew “AJ” Sciulli (MD)

Update: 2/10/2022 Sciulli was a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard, not the U.S. Army, as per Huffington Post’s reporting.

This report was contributed by an anonymous anti-fascist who infiltrated Patriot Front.

Andrew “AJ” Sciulli (27) lives in Bel Air, Maryland and is a member of the youth based neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front as well as a gunner in the US Army. Andrew is responsible for vandalizing a Black Lives Matter bill board in Pennsylvania with a white supremacist banner. He also follows a number of alt-right Facebook pages and has posted racist content on social media.

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JROTC Cadet & Patriot Front Recruit Paul Andrew Brewer (GER)

Andrew Brewer is an 18-year-old fascist Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadet at Hohenfels Middle/High School and an incoming freshman at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Andrew attempted to the join the white supremacist hate group Patriot Front three separate times before his 18th birthday. He regularly describes himself as a fascist, and makes hateful comments about LGBTQIA+, Jews, and minorities on internet forums such as Reddit and Quora.

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US Navy White Supremacist Alexander Thomas Stansbery (CO)

Alexander Thomas Stansbery is an 18 year old white supremacist from Colorado Springs who recently enlisted in the US Navy. Alexander was connected to other Colorado fascists, as well as our anonymous source, through a white nationalist match making service called Nationalist Connect.

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Kevin Del Puerto – Alt-Right Filipino Fascist (CO)

Thank you to Southeast Anti-Racist Action for contributing to this release.

Kevin Del Puerto works at HomeAdvisor as a Contractor Sales Specialist and is an anti-Semitic fascist associated with the alt-right podcast Revenge Of The Cis. Kevin is also an Air Force veteran who was deployed in Afghanistan. Kevin’s social media is full of anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, Islamophobic, and Neo-Nazi rhetoric and symbolism. Kevin registered to vote as a Republican in Thornton, and lists his mailing address in Denver.

Addition information about Kevin Del Puerto can be found here.

You can contact Kevin’s employer with this script.

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Neo-Nazi Flat Earther Steve Hildebran (CO)

Steven Andreas Hildebran is a 36 year old Neo-Nazi and amateur rapper who lives with his parents in Colorado Springs. Steven allegedly works at Lee Hing Food Services as a Warehouse Driver.

Additional information about Steven has been published here.

Steven Andreas Hildebran

Steve Hildebran has been harassing the queer community in Denver for the past 6 months by posting up outside of drag events and calling all of the attendees pedophiles. These actions have been coordinated by an unholy alliance of members of the now defunct Nazi gang the Traditionalist Workers Party (Joshua Yeakal, Russell Frankland) Colorado Proud Boys (Louis Huey), and Anonymous Denver.

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American Identity Movement Leader Jeremy Riesberg (CO)

Jeremy Jeffery Riesberg is the head of the Colorado chapter of the hate group American Identity Movement (AmIM, formerly known as Identity Evropa). Under the aliases “Felden”, “Jackson”, and “Andrew Jackson”, Jeremy advocates for national socialism, illegally posts white supremacist propaganda, and coordinates a network of racists in from his home in Colorado Springs. Ironically, Jeremy is married to a black woman who gave birth to their interracial child.

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Master Sergeant Cory Reeves Exposed as White Supremacist Organizer (CO)

Contributed by: Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists & Eugene Antifa



Cory Reeves has been kicked out of the Air Force

Cory Allen Reeves is a Master Sergeant with the US Air Force of the 50th Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he also currently owns a home. Cory Reeves has been with the military since at least 2005, has been a member of Identity Evropa since at least October of 2017, and served as the Colorado state coordinator of Identity Evropa. Reeves was a “patron” member of Identity Evropa which meant he paid a monthly higher amount of dues than required. This extra monthly financial contribution to the white supremacist organization gave Reeves access to special communications and meetings reserved for patrons, leadership, and the advisory council. Reeves regularly posted white supremacist propaganda throughout Colorado, encouraged members to donate to the group beyond their $10 monthly dues in his role as “patron’s liaison,” and coordinated actions, events, and meet ups locally and nationally.

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Identity Evropa Member Glenn M. Dawson (CO)

At this point, doxxing the smarmy assholes behind the Identity Evropa group photos has become something of a routine. The grinding regularity of it takes all the excitement out of it, and it seems like everyone is doxxing Identity Evropa now. Just this week Atlanta comrades outted their national director of activism and “sexual batterer” Justin Peek, and police identified Identity Evropa member Christopher Hodgman behind posts at the University of Rochester. Anyway, this month’s dox of a Colorado member of white supremacist group Identity Evropa is…

Glenn Martin Dawson of Ft. Collins, Colorado! You can read his discord chat logs here.

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