Samantha Jenaye Humphries aka Mikayla Tȟóksape – Capitol Siege Attendee & Nazi Collaborator (CO)

Samantha Humphries, 34, is a frequent member of far-right and openly fascist demonstrations, groups, and coalitions such as the Proud Boys, Anonymous Denver, Defend Denver, and the Goyim Defense League. Samantha works at Brown’s Greenhouse in Arvada and uses the alias Mikayla Tȟóksape in public. Samantha has attended a number of Stop The Steal protests in Washington DC, including the most recent on January 6th where the United States Capitol building was stormed. Continue reading “Samantha Jenaye Humphries aka Mikayla Tȟóksape – Capitol Siege Attendee & Nazi Collaborator (CO)”

Racist YouTuber Alex Chase Mahr aka “Radical Moderate” (CO)

Alex Chase Mahr of Fountain, CO is an anti-Semitic & white supremacist YouTuber who live streamed himself counter-protesting and heckling a number of Black Lives Matter/George Floyd protests in Colorado Springs and Denver. Alex works as a Thin-Film Technician at Saes Getters in Colorado Springs. Alex regularly broadcasts far-right content under the alias “Radical Moderate” on a number of platforms including YouTube, BitChute, and Facebook.

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Jennifer Watson, Owner of JP Watson Interiors, Drives Car Through Protesters in Denver

Thank you Long Beach Antifa and Northern Colorado Mutual Aid and Defense for contributing to this article.

On Thursday, May 28, 2020, protesters in Denver, Colorado, held a solidarity rally for the anti-police protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, following the killing of George Floyd by a police officer.

Additional information about Jennifer Watson can be found here.

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Boulder Billionaire Kimbal Musk (CO)

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will occasionally break our focus on fascists to shine a light on others who are actively harming their communities amidst the crisis.

Kimbal Musk is the owner of The Kitchen and Next Door restaurants and sits on the board for his brother’s companies SpaceX and Tesla. Kimbal recently made headlines after laying off nearly 100 workers from Next Doorjust as COVID-19 hit. Next Door employees voluntarily pay into the “Family Fund” which they can request financial support from in times of crisis. When COVID hit, Next Door closed locations without pay for their workers. As such, many of those laid off workers requested financial support from the Family Fund, to which Next Door changed the rules for the fund, denied all requests, and fired 100 workers. Kimbal Musk backed this decision up by shifting the blame on the state, saying the government should bail out his workers. Continue reading “Boulder Billionaire Kimbal Musk (CO)”

White Nationalist Donald J Trump (DC)

Donald J Trump (73) is a white nationalist with a long history of using his privilege and power for racist ends who currently works for the White House. Donald is a registered Republican with numerous ties to more overt white nationalists such as Alex Jones, Stephen Miller, and Steve Bannon. Donald lives in Washington D.C., New York City, and Palm Beach, Florida.

Additional information about Donald J Trump can be found here.

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Kirk Widlund – Nazi Executive Producer at 710 KNUS (CO)

Kirk Widlund is a Neo-Nazi and the host of the Keeping America Great podcast, as well as Executive Producer for the Steffan Tubbs Show, The American Veteran’s Show, The Craig Silverman Show, and Bird Talk, on the Denver conservative talk radio station 710 KNUS, owned by Salem Media. Kirk lives with his parents in Aurora and is a registered Republican.

Additional information about Kirk Widlund can be found here.

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Goyim Defense League Members Vincent & Briana Bertinelli (CO)

UPDATE: November 9, 2019

We have added more information about Vincent’s hateful activism alongside updated information about him.

Vincent Bertinelli

Vincent Bertinelli is a 33 year old Neo-Nazi, amateur YouTuber, and convicted felon who lives with his wife Briana and 3 children in Aurora, Colorado. Vincent and Briana make a living taking care of people with disabilities in their home for All Friends, Inc.

Vincent’s additional information can be found here

Vincent runs a series of National-Socialist propaganda channels called “Peaceful Pogrom” under the pseudonym “Vinny Goyschild”

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Identity Evropa Member Connor Burgess (NV)


Connor Burgess is a 19 year old man who lives with his parents in Boulder City, Nevada, and is a member of the white supremacist hate group Identity Evropa (also known as American Identity Movement or AmIM).


Connor posted on the now leaked Anticom and Identity Evropa Discord chats as ChippedStones, where he complained about his father pushing him into wrestling from a young age.

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Jovi Val’s BFF Curtis DeGroote (CO)

Yesterday we released info about CSU Admissions worker Rob Adams, one of the moderator’s of David Huntwork‘s MAGA Trump – Colorado Facebook group. We released our article on Rob following the receipt of a ridiculous attempt at strong-arming from members of this “patriot group,” who threatened to visit an activist who has nothing to do with our collective at his home.

“Oh, you guys just call everyone a Nazi! You just call all the people you don’t like Nazis!”

We get that a lot. Despite what people may think, we try to be careful with who we deem a “Nazi.”

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