Fascist Black Metal Comes to North Denver via Derek Pettinelli (Updated)


Derek Pettinelli’s Permanent Dusk Productions has renamed themselves and their Facebook page to Death Potion Productions.

A post for a show booked by Permanent Dusk Productions

When we hover over the “Permanent Dusk Productions” text, it shows us the Death Potion Productions page, which tells us they simply renamed the PDP page after we exposed it as another Metal DP front.

Metal DP promoting the same show.


November 17, 2019

Derek Pettinelli aka Metal DP moved his fascist black metal fest to The Roxy Theatre in Five Points under the alias Metal Wolf Booking on November 16th after Antero Hall cancelled on them in response to our reporting. A number of bands dropped from the lineup and the festival was cut to one day, but due to the fascist sympathizers at The Roxy Theatre, the show went on.

The owner of The Roxy, Ivan Ovchinnikov, doubled down in the defense of the fascist bands at his venue and ran interference for them on Twitter.

Ivan aka Scum412 denying anything fashy about Obeisance’s split with Necroholocaust titled “Bringers of Black Genocide” featuring Nazi soldiers on the cover.

The general manager of The Roxy Theatre and owner of Strong Survive Promotionz, Travis Ragan, said the venue has no control over who uses their space then backpedaled, saying he didn’t know what fascism was.

We did some digging on Derek Pettinelli and while we thought he was just a gullible right-libertarian, it turns out he’s pretty fashy too. Here are some of his page likes on Facebook. Stone Toss and Black Pigeon Speaks are both alt-right content creators who frequently release anti-Semitic, white supremacist, holocaust denialist, homophobic, and transphobic comics and videos, respectively.

A holocaust denial comic by Stone Toss

Here’s our boy Derek aka Metal DP with some questionable figures…

First, you’ll notice the Sonnengrad on Derek’s homie’s sweatshirt, the same Sonnengrad that was on the Christchurch mass shooter’s manifesto and vest.

Brenton Tarrant’s ‘manifesto’ cover featuring the Sonnenrad
The vest Brenton Tarrant wore as he murdered 49 Muslims and injured 51

Chad is also rocking an Operation Werewolf patch, the heathen fascist boys club, that we discuss below.

Derek’s friend Chad at an Operation Werewolf meetup.

Let’s go around the list of Derek’s definitely not fascist friends.

Opening up Jeremiah Wetherton‘s page, we find him and J Micah Wright making the Nazi symbol “1488” with their jerseys.

J Micah Wright is the Operation Werewolf dude who books Gathering of the Shadows, the fash-y black metal festival in the Rocky Mountains

J Micah Wright (left) wearing Wolfsangel Jewlery

Kyle Spanswick‘s profile is pretty clean on the timeline, but he likes a bunch of fascist and white-supremacist pages like The Golden One, Operation Werewolf, and Armenian Nationalist Front, among others.

Yup, that’s a swastika.


Weird how Derek and all of his friends seem to be into Nazi shit…

Anyway, Derek is very likely now working with Permanent Dusk Productions, which is run by his friend Gunnar Steinley.

Metal DP stanning for PDP
Gunnar wearing a Burzum shirt, a project by infamous Neo-Nazi Varg Vikernes
Gunnar was at the fash black metal show on Saturday

Gunnar also brought the infamous rape rock band The Mentors to Antero Hall just a month ago.


November 11, 2019

Derek Pettinelli (Metal DP) is bringing more Nazis to Colorado by slipping into a new venue that doesn’t know who he books.

DP Show Flyer
A flyer for a two-day festival at Eck’s Saloon booked by Derek Pettinelli

Below is a brief rundown of some of the acts Derek brought to our lovely state.


The headliner, Deiphago (who was ironically dropped from the bill due to America’s rigid nationalism) put out a split LP with Necroholocaust titled Gods of Holocaust

Deiphago Gods of Holocaust

Deiphago Denied
*World’s smallest violin plays in the background*

Deiphago not being allowed into the US might have something to do with their guitarist punching a woman in the face backstage in 2015.


The next headliner, Obeisance, put out a similarly fascistic split with Necroholocaust titled Bringers of Black Genocide, featuring Nazi soldiers on the cover.

Obeisance Black Genocide

Obeisance has released a single on Iron Bonehead Productions, a label that publishes and sells National Socialist Black Metal.

House of Atreus

The next headliner is House of Atreus, who is signed to Iron Bonehead Productions, and can be seen promoting Nazi metal bands such as Arghoslent, among others.

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare recently played with Obeisance and a band called Holocaust at Gospel Of The Serpent VI in Chicago.

Trench Warfare has also shared space on a compilation with the National Socialist Black Metal Sturmtiger (named after the Nazi tank).

Trench Warfare Comp

Goat Disciple

Goat Disciple is the most obviously fascist band in this lineup as their merch features Wolfsangels, a rune used to several Nazi Waffen-SS divisions.

A Wolfsangel featured on a Nazi tank.

The Wolfsangel is being used contemporaneously by Azov Battalion, the Neo-Nazi formation inside Ukraine’s national guard.

Goat Disciple also attended Lupine Equinox Conclave, hosted by Operation Werewolf, the fascist heathen boys club named after a Nazi guerrilla warfare campaign.

Derek Pettinelli is selling tickets for this NSBM show through Eventbrite, in violation of their terms of use which prohibits:

Activities that demean, harass, intimidate, threaten or express hatred toward any societal group, whether based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or veteran status.

You can report this to Eventbrite by clicking “Report this event” at the bottom of the tickets page.


June 2nd, 2019

Derek Pettinelli aka Metal DP is still booking shows in Denver despite bringing the Nazi band Horna to town so they could play songs about exterminating Jews and then trying to get people to falsely antagonize innocent venues for platforming hate speech.

Sar Isatum member Juan Pablo plays in Extremely Rotten

Concerned music fans reached out to us to let us know that Your Mom’s House was doing business with a fascist enabler who brought a national socialist black metal band to Denver after members of the Nazi terror cell Atomwaffen Division showed up to a previous date on the tour.

Your Moms House:


NOTE: Neither Dryer Plug Studios nor Psyonic Laboratories are currently at 3050 E 43rd Street. Unlike Derek Pettinelli, we care about our reputation and don’t throw up false flags.

The Nazi black metal band Horna came to Denver last night and played a show with locals Morgue Whore, Weapönizer, and  Sar Isatum, at 3050 East 43rd Street. The location is a warehouse space owned by Colliers International, a Canadian based global real estate giant. We were able to identify the venue by a series of posts made by Derek Pettinelli, otherwise known by his booking name Metal DP (Archive) or on Facebook as Drek Plzi (Archive).

Derek Pettinelli aka Metal DP at Seventh Circle

Identifying the venue was easy based on the photos provided by concert goers and the description provided by Derek that allowed us to narrow it down to recording studios and practice spaces.

“No trespassing” and “18+” told us everything we needed to know as none of the 18+ venues that sell booze would have hosted Horna et al.

3050 E 43rd Street used to be a practice space and venue called Dryer Plug which hasn’t been open for a few years. Comparing photos from the old spot to the Horna show last night, we see that it’s obviously the same space.

Notice that the walls are the same and the wires and acoustic treatment are in the same locations in all of the pictures.

Derek’s labor in bringing fascist black metal to Denver was shared with Juan Pablo (Archive), drummer for Sar Isatum and Extremely Rotten.

In the days running up to this show, venue after venue dropped Horna et al, so Derek and Weapönizer posted fake flyers suggesting the Nazi show was being held at legitimate establishments. 7th Circle, The Marquis Theater, The Roxy Theater, and Lion’s Lair were all targeted, presumably to sew contempt for these venues from Denverites fed-up with Nazi’s in their city.

Seventh Circle Fake Flyer
A fake flyer targeting 7th Circle

It’s worth noting that members of Atomwaffen Division, the Nazi Terror group linked to at least 5 murders in the U.S., showed up to see Horna in Houston on this very tour.

Denver has it’s own special connection to Atomwaffen Division. Denver also has a strong base of support from other fascist groups like Operation Werewolf, who were also in attendance of last night’s show.

While some may be assuaged by claims that Horna is “apolitical”, a look at their lyrics shows us a very familiar romanticization of Jewish genocide we see from other bands in the NSBM scene. In the track Noutajan Kutsu we hear:

Kun herramme saa vihdoin todistaa
Juudean kansan tuhoa ja kuolemaa

Which roughly translates to

When our Lord can finally prove the destruction and death of the Jewish people

You can ask Colliers International about the Nazi black metal show on their property by calling 303-745-5800.

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