Dillon Thomas Oakes: Patriot Front Neo-Nazi – Highlands Ranch (CO)

Three pictures of Dillon Thomas Oakes of Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Dillon Thomas Oakes (25) of Highlands Ranch, Colorado is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. Dillon Oakes has hosted at least one Patriot Front gathering at this parents’ home and has engaged in regular Patriot Front organizing, including vandalizing a mural in Denver, CO with racist graffiti.

Additional information about Dillon Oakes, including his home address, can be found here.

Update 6/19/2022: Dillon has been fired from his job at RE/MAX Edge

We have identified Dillon Oakes of Highlands Ranch as the Patriot Front member who uses the alias “John – CO” within the racist organization. Patriot Front is a white nationalist hate group that broke off from Vanguard America after UtR attendee James Alex Fields drove his car through a crowd of anti-fascist protesters countering the 2017 Unite The Right Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA. Patriot Front’s goal is to make America a fascist white ethnostate.

Patriot Front’s activism is mostly based around creating social media content and making news headlines. Members are expected to regularly place and photograph Patriot Front stickers that are purchased from the organization’s leader, Thomas Rousseau, and then posted on the group’s social media accounts.

Patriot Front stickers placed at Arapahoe Community College, in Littleton, Colorado, where Dillon Oakes lived at the time.

Patriot Front members also regularly vandalize left-wing and progressive artworks. Leaked internal Patriot Front video, published by Unicorn Riot, shows Dillon Oakes and two other Patriot Front members vandalizing a pro-bodily autonomy mural at Crema Coffee House in Denver.

Dillon Oakes (center) and two other Patriot Front members vandalizing a mural at Crema Coffee House in Denver, Colorado.
NOTE: This mural is a feminist appropriation of the Gadsden flag, a deeply racist symbol used by the Confederacy and the KKK. We do not believe this symbol can be re-contextualized in a non-racist way and oppose its use in any and all forms.
Dillon Oakes flashing the White Power hand-sign after vandalizing Crema Coffee House’s mural

On November 6th, 2021, Dillon hosted a Patriot Front meetup at his parents’ then-home in Littleton. The group met at a nearby shopping center before carpooling to Dillon’s parents’ house.

Dillon Oakes, Patryck Durham Jr., William Planer, and two other Patriot Front members heading to Dillon’s car.

N***er Song

CW: Anti-Blackness, antisemitism, and overt slurs

According to Dillon’s leaked chat messages, he was radicalized by the right-wing  message board 4Chan, particularly its /pol/ board, which is also responsible for creating the QAnon conspiracy theory and numerous mass shooters.

John CO: I told Jesse that my weakness as a nationalist is having read only /pol/ prior to PF

Dillon indicates that he is the author of a thread posted to /pol/ where he describes getting in trouble with his family for singing the “Ni***er Song,” and posts a recording of the song.

A thread posted by Dillon Oakes about his family’s reaction to a racist song he was caught singing (Archive – Ctrl+F for gWtRqbcL to see all his posts in the thread)
Dillon Oakes adding to the thread with a recording of his racist song and the song’s lyrics.

Dillon’s recording of his racist song

A picture of Dillon during his time at CU Boulder

LEO Door knocks

Dillon Oakes planned to attend Patriot Front’s disastrous December march in Washington, D.C. as a member of the shield team, but he ghosted after being questioned, presumably by law enforcement, about Patriot Front activism at the Colorado State Capitol building. Dillon’s last message in the Unicorn Riot leaks indicate that he took a temporary leave of absence in December, 2021, and would return when things cooled down for him.

Patriot Front members practicing shield drills before the December DC march.

Other Patriot Front Activity

Music Production

According to fellow PF member “Jesse CO,” Dillon Oakes produced music for Patriot Front.


Leftist Surveillance

On November 19, 2021, Dillon and other Colorado Patriot Front members surveilled a protest in Denver, Colorado against the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, in an attempt to gather intelligence on left-wing organizers.


Similarly, white men in balaclavas photographed an anti-fascist demonstration in Boulder, Colorado on June 4th, 2022. Coincidence?

Action Items

Put Up Flyers

A printable flyer that can be used to warn people about Dillon Oakes can be downloaded here.

Flyers can legally be placed under windshields and on door handles, but not in or on mailboxes.