The Ancaps of Colorado – Josh Miller

In previous posts we’ve looked at some of the leaders of the Colorado Against ANTIFA/Communism group, which impotently conspired to thwart the red menace that is the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism. Today we’ll take a look at the founder of the group, Josh Miller.

Miller started the Ancap FB group, but from the beginning he wanted it to be a coalition. Witch hunts just aren’t fun by yourself, right?

Mutual interests include bad hats, questionable economics, and a hatred of commies.
Another one of those “dangerous interactions with Antifa” that can’t be substantiated. Is there another Antifa group in Co Springs that is terrifying white dudes? But also we’re weak and afraid of them? So weak you need to form a coalition of everyone to the right of the Clintons to stop us? LOL.

Miller is able to stoke the fires of useful idiots like Meyers with hyperbolic rhetoric.

30-50 of us?! The fact that we’ve been able to make all the bearded white dudes in Colorado wet themselves with the numbers we actually have is incredible. If we had 30-50 people Colorado Springs would have already been collectivized. Also, more ironic racism, which is totally to trigger snowflakes and doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s actual worldview.

Miller’s claims about not instigating violence (in a Facebook group predicated on instigating violence) are frequently contradicted by his own statements.

Joel, if you ever want to hang outside a golf club hit us up! We’re down. Just leave the cheesy yellow and black flag at home.

Again, some Ancaps question Miller’s motives and embrace the sanctity of the NAP.

So, as anarchists we’re all about “No Gods No Masters.” Fuck the cops, fuck these Ancap assholes, and fuck the stolen valor blowhards in the patriot movement, but it still might be a good idea to keep the names of 1%er Motorcycle Clubs out of your mouth.

This, of course, isn’t a new thing in this group. Antifa and communists are such a huge threat that these idiots will consider working with any extremist organization, as long as it is right-wing extremism.

In the confusion surrounding the June 10th “March Against Sharia,” a member of the group, Nate Pitsch, actually suggests using his contacts in Neo-Nazi groups for security.

To be fair to Josh Miller, he decided to jump ship a week before the June 10th event. Realizing that this reactionary group he created to fight antifa and communism was attracting and galvanizing nationalists, racists, and violent people who were a threat to the community (you know, THE *EXACT* SHIT WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO WARN Y’ALL ABOUT THIS WHOLE DAMN TIME), he decided to call it quits.

The right trying to instigate people? SHOCKING!

Of course, the walking “My Dad’s A Lawyer” Memes who are the Proud Boys helped cement Josh’s decision.

We couldn’t agree more.
Josh has seen the light.

Life comes at you fast, Josh. If only someone had told you that the Alt-Right was made up of the worst elements of American society. You saw it for yourself first hand, and hopefully you remember that before you try to make any more Facebook groups.


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