The Ancaps of Colorado – Josh Miller

In previous posts we’ve looked at some of the leaders of the Colorado Against ANTIFA/Communism group, which impotently conspired to thwart the red menace that is the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism. Today we’ll take a look at the founder of the group, Josh Miller.

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The Ancaps of Colorado – Mike Morris

In our last update we looked at how a coalition of ancaps, more or less led by Martin Meyers, came together (voluntarily! very important) to fight what they saw as the most pressing threat to the American way of life: communists! This “better dead than red” club seems to have been formed partially at the behest of Colorado Springs’ Mike Morris.

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The Ancaps of Colorado – Martin Meyers: Child Predator

Martin Meyers is a 30 year old anti-Semitic Anarcho-Capitalist from Colorado Springs who manages the Facebook page Being Anarcho-Capitalist and is closely aligned with the Colorado Proud Boys. Martin Meyers is a child predator whose most recent ex-girlfriend was barely 17 when they met.

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