Identity Evropa Member Connor Burgess (NV)


Connor Burgess is a 19 year old man who lives with his parents in Boulder City, Nevada, and is a member of the white supremacist hate group Identity Evropa (also known as American Identity Movement or AmIM).


Connor posted on the now leaked Anticom and Identity Evropa Discord chats as ChippedStones, where he complained about his father pushing him into wrestling from a young age.

Connor Burgess talking about his history as a wrestler on the neo-Nazi Anticom Discord chat
Connor Burgess with his father and former wrestling coach, Dan Burgess (Archive)
Screenshots from one of the many videos of Connor wrestling (Source)

Connor spent a significant amount of his youth wrestling, and according to his LinkedIn, has spent a year at the College of Southern Nevada while working at McDonalds.

Connor Burgess’ LinkedIn profile (Archive)


In April 2017, Connor indicated that he thought poorly of Identity Evropa, asking his fellow fascists in Anticom “Identity Europa is a Meme right?” Connor’s buddies told him that Identity Evropa was good, and that their then leader, Nathan Damigo, beat up an anti-fascist, which got him very excited. See the archive link for the full chat.

Connor Burgess asking about Identity Evropa in the Anticom Discord (Archive).

Eight months later, Connor joined Identity Evropa.

Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_first post2
Connor Burgess’ first known post on an Identity Evropa server (Archive)

Connor has spent a lot of time on the Anticom and IE discords posting racist, homophobic, and antisemitic content. Here are a few examples:

Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_racist post
Racist posts by Connor Burgess in the Anticom discord (Archive)
Connor Burgess advocating for the ethnic cleansing of the middle east (Archive)

The extent of Connor’s activism has been posting memes, going outside literally once, and recruiting one gamer to IE.

Photo taken by Connor on an IE Nevada hike. Note Kenneth Cruey in the middle.
Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_gaming recruit
Connor Burgess being commemorated for recruiting a racist gamer (Archive)
Connor Burgess’ old username was Gills (Archive)

Connor was also the Nevada chapter leader of the now-defunct Vanguard of Liberty, a nationalist group whose largest presence is a deserted subreddit and a twitter account with 200 followers.

Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_Vanguard of Liberty
Connor Burgess – Nevada Vanguard of America chapter leader (Archive)

Connor Burgess lives with his parents in Boulder City, Nevada, where he is registered to vote in Nevada as non-partisan, while both his parents are Republicans (note that the address here is incorrect, the street address should be 532 Katie).

Connor Burgess advocating for attacking anti-fascists in Berkeley with spray paint (Archive)

Connor uses the handle @brailseed on Twitter and Instagram. Unlike literally every other fascist we’ve outted, he doesn’t follow The Golden One, but he does follow, and is followed by, fellow Nevada Identity Evropa zoomer Kenneth Cruey.

Connor Burgess Instagram account
Connor’s Instagram
Kenneth Cruey and Connor Burgess following each other on Instagram


Another day,  another white supremacist exposed.

Even if you’re some dipshit gamer that hardly contributes anything to your white supremacist org, we’ll find you and out you so just quit while you’re ahead.

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