American Identity Movement & TPUSA Member Riley Grisar (NV)

Riley Grisar, the disgraced leader of TPUSA’s University of Nevada, Las Vegas Chapter, is also a member of the white supremacist organization American Identity Movement (AmIM, formerly known as Identity Evropa). Leaks from AmIM’s chat server have confirmed Grisar’s involvement in the hate group. Riley Grisar’s address, phone number, and party affiliation can be found here.

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Russ Frankland – Traditionalist Worker Party (CO)

Russell Bert Frankland of Lakewood attended Unite The Right as a member of the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Workers Party. Since the collapse of the TWP, Frankland has continued his fascist activism by regularly attending drag queen story hour protests, pasting holocaust denial flyers, and harassing journalists. Continue reading “Russ Frankland – Traditionalist Worker Party (CO)”