Identity Evropa Videographer Caleb Kohl (CO)

Caleb Kohl Chlorofil Videography

UPDATE 2/6/2019 Caleb Kohl’s Discord Logs, His other Twitter Account, and his Medium account.

UPDATE 2/10/2019 Caleb’s little brother, Timothy Kohl (“Wilhelm” on Discord), is also a member of Identity Evropa and a student at Cedarville University in Ohio.

The most active and visible white supremacist group here in Colorado this year has been Identity Evropa. Their stickers and posters have appeared across the Front Range, in Colleges and Universities like UC-Boulder and UCCS here in Colorado Springs. They’ve done pop-up demonstrations, like the one last month at Civic Center Park in Denver.

Caleb lives in Denver

Identity Evropa propaganda we covered up at Academy and Woodmen in Colorado Springs.

Identity Evropa has been designated as a hate group by the SPLC and the ADL. They were founded by former Marine and felon Nathan D’Amigo, who is famous for punching a woman at Berkeley. Identity Evropa was present at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville in 2017. They marched with James Alex Fields, who drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of anti-fascists, injuring many and killing Heather Heyer. He is currently rotting in Jail, finishing week 1 of his 419 year sentence.

James Alex Fields

You can call them what you want, and “Nazis” is as good of a semantic title as any. Identity Evropa prefers the term “identitarian,” and they are by far the most palatable of the modern white supremacist groups. Often decried as “optic cucks” by more explicitly Nazi organizations like the now-defunct Traditional Workers Party, they are very concerned about their aesthetic. They eschew the armbands and jackboots in favor of suits, ties, and lapel pins. Instead of the usual swastika their logo is the “dragon’s eye,” a weird take on the Mercedes symbol.


Dragon’s Eye
Former CSU Ft. Collins student Clark Canepa and Identity Evropa national president, Patrick “McLovin” Casey. They are very dapper Nazis.
Casey’s old fake ID.

Identity Evropa tries to bill itself as a kind of whites-only fraternity, a group united by “European Heritage.” They lean heavily on the “white people are victims” narrative, and much of the group’s podcast, Identitarian Action, focuses on “demographic replacement.” Casey tries to defend his group as simply looking out for the future of the white race, and he frequently casts white people as the victims of forced diversity. He name-drops Hegel, avoids slurs, and often refers to minorities as “not all bad people.” By all accounts he’s working really hard to make Identity Evropa the “nice Nazis.”

Except his rhetoric is just thinly veiled “white genocide” theories, the underlying assumptions of which are firmly grounded in antisemitism, white supremacy, misogyny, and good ol’ fashioned American racism.

Throughout the podcast, Casey works hard to emphasize how important anonymity is in Identity Evropa, and he ensures prospective members tuning in that his group will work hard to protect the identities of their members, due to fears of “left-wing terrorism” (LOL). However, Casey’s concerns probably have more to do with the fact that once you scratch the surface of their organization and look at their members, it becomes very obvious they the only difference between Identity Evropa and boot-stomping, sieg-heiling, violence-committing skinheads like William Scott Planer is their A E S T H E T I C.

For example, let’s take a look at Identity Evropa videographer, Caleb Kohl. Caleb appeared on the “Defend the Rockies” episode of Identitarian Action, discussing their latest action.

He is introduced at 1:07 and speaks throughout the podcast about “the power of video.” You can compare his distinctive midwestern accent (Caleb is originally from Ohio) to the voicemail on his business phone. If audio analysis isn’t your thing, you can also see him in the Identity Evropa propaganda photos they took at Eldorado Canyon State Park.

Look at all these fucking Nazis. As a videographer Caleb knows the importance of high-quality photos.
He is hanging out next to Cowboy hat guy (what is it with these dudes and cowboy hats???), with his signature Joey Fatone inspired facial hair.

Caleb definitely fits the mold of the nice-guy Nazi. His Facebook and Instagram accounts seem pretty nice. He likes Legos and takes playful photos in a kigu. He seems to work closely with a faith-based non-profit, Cross Purpose, a group which prominently features photos of people of color on their social media. I mean, he definitely doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would carry torches through the University of Virginia campus shouting “Jews will not replace us!” or viciously attack a bunch of protesters.

The caption is ours.
Even Nazis like legos.

But if you dig around Caleb’s Facebook, some cracks start to show.

He likes Students for Western Civilization, which seems to be the Canadian equivalent of Identity Evropa, and a racist meme page called “White people Inventions and Innovations. You’re Welcome.” It is exactly what you would think it is.

That’s some pretty edgy stuff, right? But not terrible. We’ve definitely seen worse. It gets a little more interesting when you check out Caleb’s Twitter.

He knows we can see his “likes” right?
He “likes” a lot of Nazi bullshit.

His twitter likes run the gamut from generic Republican (Donald Trump, National Review) to full-on fascist (Richard Spencer, Stefan Molyneux, and of course Identity Evropa).

Totally normal thing for a person to like, and something that is very representative of Identity Evropa’s ideology.
Totally normal twitter account to like posts from.

As bad as his twitter account is, his YouTube account is the real goldmine of Nazi bullshit. Many people have noted the connection between YouTube content and white supremacy, and how white supremacists use social media and niche online culture to radicalize others. Recently YouTube-user PewDiePie, one of the platform’s most successful content creators, has received criticism for being a fucking Nazi. YouTube definitely seems to be where Caleb consumes most of his Nazi content.

What is the JQ? Acknowledging “Jewish Question” is one of the first steps in becoming “redpilled.”
“Why I Support White Nationalism” and videos with “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell
Homophobia and conspiracy theories mixed in with RDR2 reviews (I bet Caleb didn’t kill the klan members)
Why Democracy is bad (LOL), more JQ stuff, and that white genocide poster child, South Africa
More homophobia and anti-immigrant conspiracy theories.
Misogyny as well!
And there is the racism! Caleb is really checking all the “Am I a Nazi?” boxes!

Caleb also has a Soundcloud account! And he uses this music-sharing platform to… do Nazi shit of course. He is a big fan of a user named Vanguard, whose name is probably a reference to Vanguard America, which is now Patriot Front. He makes tedious electronic music that sounds like the soundtrack to “Double Dragons.”


In addition to being a Nazi, Caleb runs his own wedding videography business called Chlorofil, where he makes wedding videos for people that look exactly like the shitty Identity Evropa propaganda videos he makes.

12/16/2018 UPDATE: This moral coward doesn’t have the courage to stand by his shitty convictions. He deleted his Twitter accounts and YouTube playlists, but check out these archived links:



So that’s Caleb Kohl, owner of Caleb Kohl Chlorofil Videography and a Denver area Nazi. We’ll continue our work on identifying and outing members of Identity Evropa and other fascist groups. You stay classy, Colorado.

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