Identity Evropa and Patriot Front

So in the last 24 hours our Facebook page has been flooded by reactionary trolls. They have let us know in no uncertain terms their feelings towards immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and women. They are hateful, small-minded folks who think they are somehow hurting our feelings with their bullshit. Their nonsense is total projection. They insult us for being weak, effeminate, queers (which, yea, is true, we’re a bunch of LGBTQ+ people and most of us are sassy bottoms), and call us “keyboard warriors” but the fact is we have been kicking ass in Colorado for over two years now, and we’re not fucking going anywhere.

Remember when we all wore black bloc at the March Against Sharia, marching, chanting, and throwing down against TWP without passing out?

They’re all probably riled up over our recent post about Zach Lightner and Shane Reeves. They have been posting the usual alt-right rhetoric on our page: we’re the real fascists, Nazis aren’t real, we all live in our mom’s basement, blahblahblah. It’s surreal how disconnected from reality all these people are.

These flyers showed up on the UCCS campus last spring. Identity Evropa are a well known hate group who participated in Unite The Right and has a reputation for harassing college professors. Shortly after the Identity Evropa posters showed up some generic anticom-style posters showed up on campus with a discord link. Following the Torch Points of Unity, we went were they went. It was a kind of experiment. Our hypothesis was that the “physically remove communists” rhetoric is almost always a cover for Nazi bullshit. What did we discover?

Hmmm. Maybe they are just right-wing and not Nazis.
Oh Wait…

So yea, the dude posting anti-com posters is a fucking Nazi. Who would have guessed?

One of the other dudes in the chat is an admitted “white nationalist.” We have a theory about this dude, since “Sadboys” was the title of our original dox post about the Proud Boys (which they had their asshole lawyer send us a cease and desist letter about…) and we’ve noticed the distinctive use of the term “manlet” by Springs Proud Boy Jack Sexton. It is probably just a whole bunch of coincidences though. Because the Proud Boys are definitely not Nazis.
If you hang around long enough and reply “LOL” to racist jokes they eventually invite you to the statewide Nazi chat.
Nazis also keep some interesting company. CSS here refers to “Colorado Springs Socialists.” Something to keep in mind next time someone talks to you about “dividing the left.”
In the state chat there is plenty of white resentment. Spikes97 is SammyBoy from the UCCS chat.
Remember the tradition of Nazis getting their asses kicked? We’re all about that #tradlife
When you take the swastikas off then you can go on antifa pages and say “Nazis aren’t real LOL”
They look to Europe as a model. We do too.
They are plugged into national orgs, we’re thinking this cell might be the ones behind the new Patriot Front chapter here. Or some mix of these guys and the TWP rejects.
Hey, moderate right-wingers, sick of people lumping you in with Nazis? Maybe stop letting Nazis blend in with your movements.
They very respectful discussion of women in this chat.
So of course they hate trans people. Classic Nazis. They also hate furries, which is weird when you consider the existence of furry Nazis.
There’s a lot going on in this picture.
Lots of gun talk in the chat, which isn’t at all alarming.
Most of these folks are in the Denver Metro area.
Note their contempt for both mainstream Republicans AND our soldiers in WWII. All those American flag icons in our mentions realize these are folks you’re allying yourself with, right?
inb4 “all leftists are pedos”

So this is where I lost my stomach for this chat. It was a vague message with uncorroborated details but Nazis using Minecraft servers to essentially force-femme boys is abhorrent on a level that I can’t handle. Literally everything the far-right says about the left is projection.

Shortly after we left the discord chat Patriot Front and Identity Evropa started ramping up propaganda campaigns, including dropping this dumbass banner on the I-25/Baptist Rd. Overpass in Monument. We tore it the fuck down ASAP, then we used it to raise over $800 for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. Fuck you, Nazis.

We’re gay as hell and we fight fascists.
Even the non-radical residents of Colorado Springs are fucking sick of Nazis.

This guy is one of the main organizers for Identity Evropa. He seems to stick to the Denver Metro area.

Here he is posting stickers on the 16th Street Mall in Denver.


We have identified the bald guy as Master Sergeant Cory Reeves, and the cargo shorts guy as Jeremy Riesberg

It is hard to tell from the photo but the guy with him might be A.J. Bell from Colorado Springs.

Bell has a smashwords account where he wrote some very… interesting stuff. A weird melange of men’s rights rhetoric and pretentious prose with some major egg vibes (stop being a Nazi and go read “Nevada”).

These are some vile pieces of shit. You can get into all the semantic arguments you want. They aren’t technically Nazis, whatever. They’re definitely asshole pieces of shit, and we’re going to fight them. We’re going to fight them and their apologists and supporters and all the juvenile troll campaigns from all the “patriots” in the world isn’t going to stop us.



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