Identity Evropa Member Heath Butzer (OH)

Heath Butzer is a member of the white supremacist organization Identity Evropa (also known as American Identity Movement, or AmIM). Heath lives in Lakewood, Ohio, and runs Smokey Roots Catering out of his apartment.

Additional information about Heath has been published here.

This one was impressively easy.

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Identity Evropa Videographer Caleb Kohl (CO)

UPDATE 2/6/2019 Caleb Kohl’s Discord Logs, His other Twitter Account, and his Medium account.

UPDATE 2/10/2019 Caleb’s little brother, Timothy Kohl (“Wilhelm” on Discord), is also a member of Identity Evropa and a student at Cedarville University in Ohio.

The most active and visible white supremacist group here in Colorado this year has been Identity Evropa. Their stickers and posters have appeared across the Front Range, in Colleges and Universities like UC-Boulder and UCCS here in Colorado Springs. They’ve done pop-up demonstrations, like the one last month at Civic Center Park in Denver.

Caleb lives in Denver

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