Jovi Val’s BFF Curtis DeGroote (CO)

Yesterday we released info about CSU Admissions worker Rob Adams, one of the moderator’s of David Huntwork‘s MAGA Trump – Colorado Facebook group. We released our article on Rob following the receipt of a ridiculous attempt at strong-arming from members of this “patriot group,” who threatened to visit an activist who has nothing to do with our collective at his home.

“Oh, you guys just call everyone a Nazi! You just call all the people you don’t like Nazis!”

We get that a lot. Despite what people may think, we try to be careful with who we deem a “Nazi.”

I mean, this guy is clearly a Nazi, right?

This is Jovanni Valle, more commonly known as “Jovi Val.” You may remember him from an altercation he had with a Jared Polis staffer (who rules, btw) last year. Or you may recognize him as the douchebag who got egged in New York on May Day.


The flag Jovi Val is carrying in the video features the Nazi eagle over a Sonnengrad, the same symbol the Christchurch shooter wore on his vest during his attacks in New Zealand.

Jovi Val has built his career on being provocative and getting hit in the head. He was a Proud Boy for a short period of time, but was disavowed when his far-right LARPing moved from “brown shirt” to “party member.” The swastikas and sonnenrads are too much for the Proud Boys, who prefer their fascism and bit more “crypto.”

Interestingly enough, David “The Sage” Huntwork added Jovi Val to his “Patriot Brigade – Colorado” Facebook Group in October 2018, months after Val appeared with human shit-stain Jason Kessler at the abysmal “Unite the Right 2.0” in Washington D.C.

Dave conveniently makes welcome posts every month.
Val recently lost his facebook account.
Proud Boy and stupid hat enthusiast Zach Lightner gives Jovi and other newcomers a bizarre welcome.

Huntwork and Lightner aren’t the only people excited about Jovi Val’s appearance in the group. MAGA Trump moderator Curtis DeGroote (archive) appears to be a Jovi Val super fan. Curtis lives in Castle Rock (archive) and works for Stream Companies (archive), an advertising firm. Degroote is also Facebook friends with Proud Boy Louis Huey

Curtis Degroote (archive: about, friends, likes)
DeGroote volunteered to help Huntwork with promotions.
He’s also willing to help out with events.
DeGroote comforting Jovi after his harrowing ordeal with a Polis staffer.
DeGroote coordinating media appearances for Jovi.

ZJ Good (archive: about) lists his employment as “Producer” for Major League Liberty, Louis Huey‘s podcast. When Sheriffs and Proud Boys aren’t getting you the views you need, sometimes it can be helpful to bring a Nazi on the show.

When he isn’t talking up Nazis, Curtis also enjoys threatening high school students.

This is not a good look, Curtis. Jovi Val’s rampant homophobia and penchant for Nazi memorabilia was probably seen as a feature, not a bug, by Huntwork, who had no qualms adding Val to his groups months after he appeared alongside Jason Kessler in a reboot of an event that ended in murder and bloodshed. DeGroote had no qualms defending Val and trying to get him appearances on podcasts. Keep trying to tell people your groups are all about the second amendment, Dave.Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 5.58.00 PM