Proud Boy Propagandist Louis Zachary Huey (CO)

Louie Huey is a second degree Proud Boy and the host of the livestream podcast Major League Liberty. When Louie isn’t drunkenly yelling about Antifa™ into his computer he’s organizing with Neo-Nazis like the (former) Traditionalist Workers Party and the Goyim Defense League. Louie bills itself as libertarian, but is largely a mouthpiece for Trump supporters. Case in point: Roger Stone was a recent guest. Louie is very active in the Denver area, covering rallies and events of interest to the “blue lives matter” crowd. Louie is also not above “hitting the streets” for some ridiculous “gotcha”-style journalism, and has become a well-known nuisance for Denver-area activists.

Update 2:


Louie Huey has been very active at anti-COVID lockdown protests over the past couple of weeks. He met Alex Jones in Austin, then drove back to Denver on 4/19/2020, where we saw this hilarious exchange

Louie showed up again to the capitol this weekend with neo-Nazi Proud Boy Shane Reeves.

Louie supported Shane Reeves with commissary during his stint.
Shane Reeves’ Swastika adorned Facebook profile (Archive)

Louie also spent some time with Goyim Defense League neo-Nazi Vincent Bertinelli and Anonymous Denver anti-Semite Mikayla Thoksape

Left to right: Mikayla Thoksape, Vincent Bertinelli, Louie Huey having a conversation at the 4/26/20 Anti-COVID Lockdown protest
An anti-Semitic tweet from MiKayla



Since we last published on Louie Huey, him and and his Colorado Proud Boys have repeatedly attend protests with white nationalists and Neo-Nazis. Here’s Louie giving a fist bump to Neo-Nazi Steve Hildebran at an anti-LGBT protest outside of Mile High Comics.

Two photos. Lucas Martin on the left with water being poured into his eye while he wears a Nazi SS Totenkopf on his shirt. The right photo is Lucas and Steve Hildebran standing next to each other at the same event. Steve is holding a sign that says "CHOMOS NOT WELCOME"
Lucas and Steve were wearing the same shirts featuring Nazi SS Totenkopfs a top Sonnengrads.
A screenshot of Steve Hildebran's VK profile, showing him wearing the same Nazi SS Totenkopf and "CHOMOS NOT WELCOME SIGN" along with a confederate flag mask
Steve Hildebran‘s VK profile, showing him wearing the same Nazi shirt Lucas was wearing.
Steve Hildebran is definitely a Nazi.
A Flyer for the August Mile High Comics Protest featuring a swastika on top of a Guy Fawkes mask
A flyer for the protest Louie Huey attended.

The Colorado Proud Boys don’t hide their alliance with Neo-Nazis either. Here is Antonio “Enki” Balderas, vetting officer for the Colorado Proud Boys, marching shoulder to shoulder with members of the (former) Traditionalist Workers Party, calling them “our friends”

An Epic Louie Huey Meme made by Neo-Nazi Russell Frankland and liked by (former) TWP leader Josh Yeakel.

Louie Huey was recently featured in a series by 9News about the rise of hate crimes in Colorado, alongside Patriot Front vandal Samuel Cordova, and Atomwaffen figurehead James Mason.

This reporting lead to Colorado Proud Boy Joshua Michael Gillespsie of Denver threatening News9 Reporter Jeremy Jojola and his family.

Joshua Michael Gillespie being detained at a CSU Turning Point USA event featuring Charlie Kirk and Donald Trump Jr.

Louis Huey

His full name is Louis Zachary Huey (archive) and when he isn’t riling up Trump voters he works for Huey Construction (archive).

Huey has strong ties to the Colorado Proud Boys, especially members of the Colorado Springs chapter.

Huey got his start rubbing elbows with established fascists during the summer of 2017, which saw a rise in “Freedom Rallies,” grass roots versions of the ACT for America protests. These freedom rallies became big events for “patriot” groups like the Hiwaymen, who were associated with Castle Rock, CO resident Joe Geneva.

This photo from an October 2017 “Freedom Rally” finds Huey standing next to Denver-Area Nazi and former Traditionalist Worker Party (RIP) leader, Josh Yeakel.

Not only does Huey cover local fascist gatherings, but he also traveled to Portland, OR last summer with Proud Boy Zach Lightner to take part in the street violence inspired by Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson.

Louie Huey, co-host Logan Schwarz (archive) aka “Liberty Logan” to his right, posing with Tiny Toese, Zach Lightner, and Shane Reeves.

Two months ago, Huey and two Proud Boys, Bryce Palmbach (archive)(facebook/archive) and Antonio Balderas aka Enki Fox (archive) went into Mutiny Information Cafe to harass customers after the store received criticism for anti-Trump sentiments.

Bryce Palmbach
Antonio “Enki” Balderas
Antonio “Enki” Balderas, pressuring a customer into a hug during the most awkward moment of their segment.

Most recently, Huey and company attempted to harass a local Denver activist during their court date.

Fuck yea! Also, Antifa doesn’t have leaders and characterizing this individual in such a way is wildly inaccurate, but when do news outlets with the word “liberty” in them ever care about accuracy?

Huey was harassing an activist who was arrested at an free-speech event Huey sponsored, which resulted in a Colorado State Patrol trooper being placed on leave for over concerns that he collaborated with Proud Boys & Major League Liberty.

Martin Meyers, owning the libs by suffering a head wound at a Major League Liberty event. So much for the tolerant left.

Huey is also a member of the FB group Patriot Brigade – Colorado (archive), which engages largely in 2nd Amendment activism, but also dabbles in the kind of racist, homophobic bullshit you would expect. The group was started by David Huntwork (archive) a local conservative activist who has a lot of facebook profiles (archive 1) (archive 2).

David Huntwork.

Interestingly enough, Huntwork lists his employment as “National Security Background Investigations Contractor.” If this is the guy who is doing background checks for security clearances, it certainly explains some things!

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 1.05.25 PM

Huntwork’s group worked to generate a giant media storm in advance of a Windsor, CO event for “Drag Queen Story Hour

Huntwork personally organized the protest.
Firing up the outrage machine.
And there is the ableism and homophobia.
Huntwork with awkward hugger and Proud Boy, Antonio “Enki” Balderas at the Windsor Protest.
Proud Boy Bryce Palmbach at Huntwork’s Windsor protest.

Huntwork is also the founder of the group “MAGA Trump – Colorado” (archive)

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 1.12.24 PM
The groups mission statement and steering committee. Director – Amy Ollivier (archive), Steering Committee: Amie Ingram (archive), Curtis DeGroote (archive), Jennifer Ogden (archive), Rob Adams (archive). Some “very fine people.”
A lot of crossover between the two groups.
The MAGA Trump group focuses less on activism and more on racist, homophobic, and transphobic shitposting.
“Not all Trump supporters are racist!”
David Huntwork liking a meme that pushes a common white nationalist argument, that white people are “diverse enough”. Here is the same argument being made on the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront.
Louis Huey similarly complaining about racial divserity.

Louie Huey runs with a pretty fascist crowd, and is a part of the propaganda machine that promotes hate against immigrants and trans people. He’s connected to Proud Boys, militia groups, and is more than friendly with local law enforcement.

Huey referencing the new “clown world meme” which was also used recently by members of American Identity Movement. A fitting meme for a bunch of clowns.

UPDATE: Louis Huey’s girlfriend dumped his ass ;(

UPDATE 2: Huey thinks that Hardcore and Punk was at some point in time, not political.

Killing Kings responding to Louis Huey using them to punch left.

The band’s biography literally describes them as a political band:

This just underscores what the right actually means when they complain about how “everything is political now”. Something being “political” means having or reflecting politics they don’t agree with.

These guys are comrades.