Patriot Front Member Samuel Cordova (CO)


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Sam is definitely still a Nazi:


Samuel Cordova has plead guilty to committing a bias motivated crime:

Many of y’all probably heard the recent news that queer friendly businesses on Broadway in downtown Denver have been targeted by the white supremacist hate group Patriot Front.

Patriot Front stickers plastered on Hope Tank by Samuel Cordova

Samuel Cordova placing a flyer on the Broadway Goodwill and fleeing in his car

The assailant was arrested later that week when he tried to hit Denver for a third time, this time getting chased off while trying to spray paint the window of BookBar while it hosted at Drag Queen Story Hour event at the end of Pride Month.

Samuel’s failed fascist graffiti at BookBar
Security camera footage of Samuel running up to BookBar holding spray paint in broad daylight

These same Patriot Front stickers first showed up in the area around April and were taken down an anti-fascist who was stabbed five times in the near-fatal incident. The attacker, Santi Martinez (who is not believed to be a member of Patriot Front), was not charged with any crimes.

The anti-fascist (left) who was stabbed by Santi Martinez (right) while taking down Patriot Front stickers

It is very likely that Samuel Cordova is the Patriot Front member who put up the stickers that nearly killed C, the wounded anti-fascist.

Anti-communist graffiti scrawled on the Broadway Goodwill by Samuel Cordova where an anti-fascist was nearly murdered for covering up Patriot Front stickers

Samuel Cordova

A poorly aged post from Samuel’s twitter

Samuel Cordova is a 20 year old man who lives with his parents in Lakewood, Colorado while attending MSU. Samuel is a wannabe streetwear designer with ties to the hip-hop scene in Denver.

Samuel wearing his homemade nurses mask
Samuel Cordova’s UpWork profile where he offers his services for $7.00/hour (Archive)

Identifying Samuel was easy, we just took a look at his arrest record and then found his public Facebook page thanks to his piss poor OpSec.

Samuel Cordova’s police record from his arrest outside of BookBar
Samuel Cordova’s Facebook page (Archive)
Samuel Cordova’s Facebook About Section, note that the birthday matches the one on the police record (Archive)

From there, we identified Samuel’s two twitter accounts (@Unoriginalsbyme & @NeuromancerSc) and Instagram account (@sc.unoriginals) where he posts alt-right memes, revenge porn, and photos of his gun (Archives).

Samuel posted a nearly nude photo of a woman’s butt on his alt twitter handle @NeuromancerSc, saying that she is unaware that it is being shared. “Revenge porn” under CRS 18-7-107 is defined as “posting or distributing intimate photos of people without their consent with the intention of harassing or upsetting them.” and is a class 1 misdemeanor in the state of Colorado. We have an archive of this tweet if the affected party wishes to take legal action.

Revenge porn shared by Samuel on his alt twitter account (censored by us)

Samuel Cordova is also a gun owner. This is a troublesome revelation, as Patriot Front is most notably remembered for it’s involvement in the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, which occurred when the group was still organizing under the name Vanguard America.

Samuel Cordova showing off his Sig Sauer handgun

Samuel Cordova is also a lifestyle Anarchist; he likes the aesthetics of Anarchism but isn’t down with the politics. Cute.

Samuel Cordova’s alt twitter account


Patriot Front is an unapologetically white fascist organization that was created by a rift in Vanguard America, the fascist group that murdered Heather Hayer in Charlottesville. Samuel Cordova is a danger to our community. He has already gotten one person stabbed, covered Denver in fascist propaganda, attempted a hate crime against a Pride event, distributed revenge porn, and he carries a firearm.

Samuel_Cordova_Patriot_Front_Denver_HipsterWe have received tips from people who know Samuel that he attends MSU and works at UPS. If you have any additional information about him or are a lawyer representing the woman in his revenge porn posting, please reach out to us at

When we said “we will find you“, we weren’t lying. We’re better at this than you.

Print your own here. Make sure to sticker/flyer with someone and be very aware of you’re surroundings, people are getting stabbed in Denver.


Samuel Cordova was the subject a 9 News investigation on hate in Colorado after he was seen with neo-Nazis at an anti-LGBT protest outside of Mile High Comics. 9 News’ investigation revealed that Cordova explicitly targeted the event because “there would be gay rights activists associated with Antifa at the book store”

Samuel Cordova with members of the (former) Traditionalist Workers Party, Goyim Defense League, and Colorado Proud Boys at an anti-LGBT protest in September.

Cordova also attended an ANSWER Coalition/PSL No War with Iran demonstration at Denver’s capital with more or less the same group of Traditionalist Workers Party fascists on 1/25/20.

Fascists at the No War with Iran Protest. Samuel Cordova is trying to hide his face behind the PSL sign.
Russell Frankland and Josh Yeakel throwing up sieg hiel’s