Goyim Defense League Members Vincent & Briana Bertinelli (CO)

Vincent Bertinelli

Vincent Bertinelli is a 33 year old Neo-Nazi, amateur YouTuber, and convicted felon who lives with his wife Briana and 4 children in Morrison, Colorado. Vincent and Briana make a living taking care of people with disabilities in their home for All Friends, Inc.

Vincent’s additional information, including his address can be found here

Vincent runs a series of National-Socialist propaganda channels called “Peaceful Pogrom” under the pseudonym “Vinny Goyschild”


Vinny, Joey Bounds, and Jovi Val have traveled to Florida to participate in a hate bus tour with other members of the Goyim Defense League.

They had their tires slashed at Pulse nightclub.

Vincent Bertinelli (Left) and the GDL throwing up roman salutes after harassing Key West Florida residents for hours.
Vinny endorsing National Socialism on his VK profile.
One of Vincent’s various anti-Semitic videos posted to his BitChute account

Beginning on October 31st, 2019, Vincent along with members of the Goyim Defense League and the former Traditionalist Workers Party live streamed themselves harassing community members in Denver, Boulder, Longmont, and Fort Collins in a 4-day streak of hate crimes. The Nazis dressed as Hasidic Jews and rabbis, while yelling as passerby’s that “Jews did 9/11”, and handing out holocaust denial flyers.

The Nazis drove around in an Enterprise rental van that they covered in hate speech while yelling anti-Semitic drivel at drivers through a megaphone.

Van 3 megaphone
A screen capture of Jon Minadeo’s livestream featuring Vinny yelling anti-Semitic things at passerby’s in Denver
A screen capture from Jon Minadeo’s livestream of the GDL Nazis weekend in Colorado.
A screen capture from Jon Minadeo’s livestream of the GDL Nazis weekend in Colorado.

It seems community members took notice though – Steven Hildebran and Vincent Bertinelli’s cars had their cars vandalized, the rental van was keyed, and college students in Boulder defending themselves against this group of fascists.

Vincent’s car covered in graffiti.
Steven Hildebran’s Honda Element with slashed tires.
Jon Minadeo’s rental van with “Nazis” keyed into the hood.
Even Boulder college bros don’t put up with hate speech this bad.
GDL Colorado Tour Group Photo Labeled
A group photo of the GDL and TWP Nazis after a weekend of hate crimes. Sauce Winkle has black eye he didn’t have the day before.

In mid-October, Vincent and fellow GDL Nazi Joey Bounds dropped a banner over a highway in Lakewood that read “New World Order is a Jew World Order”. The two were immediately ticketed upon hanging it.

GDL Banner 1
A banner made by Joey Bounds and Vincent Bertinelli that reads “New World Order is a Jew World Order”.
GDL Banner 2
Vincent and Joey dropping the banner over a highway and immediately getting ticketed by Lakewood PD.

On Facebook, Vincent goes by Idii Amin, a reference to the notoriously anti-Semitic Ugandan dictator who killed 100,000-500,000 Ugandans during his 9 years in power. Vincent’s Facebook URL is https://www.facebook.com/ExposesNoses (now facebook.com/JewsDid911), a reference to his conspiratorial propaganda of connecting everything he sees as wrong with the world to Jewish people (Archive)

A photo from Vincent’s Facebook, connecting his previous Facebook name with his current pseudonym.

Vincent has spent 2019 antagonizing attendees of queer events with a cadre of other fascists:

A still from a video of Vincent and Steve Hildebran yelling “f*ggot” and “pedophile” at Aurora Pride attendees from a car
Vincent Bertinelli recording attendees of Aurora Pride.
Steve stating outright that they went to Aurora Pride to “spew hate”
Stills from a video of Steve Hildebran doing a seig hail and shouting “Heil Hitler!” at Aurora Pride. Vincent is Holding the camera.

Here’s Vinny outside of the Bluebird theater with Neo-Nazi Steven Hildebran, and Joshua Yeakal (former Traditionalist Workers Party)

Vincent Bertinelli (Middle) with Joshua Yeakal (Middle left) and Steven Hildebran (Right)

When Vincent isn’t video taping queer people or calling them pedophiles, he is posting anti-Semitic videos to YouTube and Bitchute. Vinny’s content is usually him ranting about how everything he doesn’t like is an inside job by the Jews or (((people))) controlled by the Jews.

Vinny Goyschild Youtube Channel
One of Vincent’s now deleted YouTube accounts.
National Socialist propaganda shared by Vincent Bertinelli

Vincent not only believes that was 9/11 an “inside job” but it was done by the “Jews”. On September 11ᵗʰ of this year, Vincent Bertinelli, Steven Hildebran, Joshua Yeakel, and Kenny Bertholomey (of Anonymous Denver) pretended to be Jewish men and walked around a Denver University campus saying they were responsible for the terror attack while passing out anti-semitic flyers

Joshua Yeakel (Left), Steven Hildebran (Middle), Vincent Bertinelli (Right)

Vincent never shies away from National Socialism – he regularly appears on episodes of the Rollie Quaid radio show, a former writer of the National Socialist website The Renegade Tribune, alongside William Scott Planner (the self-described fascist who recently got out of jail for assaulting a protestor with a deadly weapon in Sacramento), Tom of the Voice of National Socialist Reason, Russell Frankland, and Joshua Yeakal, both members of the former Traditionalist Workers Party.

Hate speech doesn’t exist, it’s a Jewish construct

-Vincent Bertinelli
Black Balled with Rollie Quaid 8-20-19″


For Vincent, protesting drag events is part of a larger struggle against the perceived Jewish promotion of “degeneracy”, a code word for anything queer.

For me, this whole shit is about the Jew encompassed in it. […] These people are not good people on a basic level, that’s what sets us apart.

-Vincent Bertinelli
The Destruction of Morality”


On his streams, Vincent is happy to point out that the Nationalists in Germany (meaning the Nazi’s) outlawed homosexuality and trans identity, in part by burning research on gender, sex, and sexuality by the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft.

Vincent Bertinelli and MiKayla Thóksape at Mile High Comics on August 25ᵗᵐ
Vincent Bertinelli and MiKayla Thóksape at Mile High Comics on August 25ᵗᵐ
Vincent protesting the September Mile High Comics drag show.

Vincent doxx’d his fellow Nazi Lucas James Martin when trying to raise money for him after his tires were slashed when he showed up to protest a LGBTQ+ event wearing a Sonnengrad and Nazi SS Totenkopf on his shirt.

Lucas James Martin (Left) and Steve Hildebran (Center) at the August Mile High Comics Protest
Lucas Tire Fundraiser
A fundraiser to get Lucas new tires, naming him as Caleb to protect his identity.
The description of a YouTube video Vincent published that names Lucas as the owner of the vehicle.

And of course, Vincent makes anti-semetic rap music.

Briana Bertinelli

Briana Bertinelli neonazi glowing vegan

Vincent’s wife Briana (fka Briana Simonson) runs a natural and alternative health channel called Glowing Vegan where she discusses how vaccines cause autism, how fluoridated water destroys our brains, and how to sprout oats. Briana also has several interviews with quack doctor Lorraine Day  who believes that that cancer can be cured through dietary changes and that cancer has never been cured by conventional medicine. In these interviews, Dr. Lorraine Day educates Briana and the audience at large about how the government controls the weather, that the Allies in WWII were controlled by the Jews, that the holocaust death count is made up, and how Hitler did nothing wrong by rounding up the Jews and putting them into camps.

An excerpt from Briana’s interview with Dr. Lorraine Day as she justifies the holocaust, immediately after denying the severity of it.

During WWII, Hitler just wanted the Jews out of his country because they were doing to his country what they’ve done to America: Bringing pedophilia, bringing homosexuality, bring in pornography, bring in everything to destroy the family.

-Dr. Lorraine Day, speaking to Briana Bartinelli

Vincent, Briana, and most of the Nazis protesting the Mile High Comics drag events view the fluidity of gender, sex, and sexuality just as Hitler did: degeneracy brought in by the Jews to destroy western civilization, which is why they are so heated about the queer community proudly and boldy expressing themselves.

To prove this point, Briana has been pushing a GoFundMe in her husband’s livestream started by a user named “Aun Tea Cemite” (i.e. anti-Semite) to bring another anti-Semitic dork by the name of Handsome Truth to “to Colorado so he can join in exsposing J3wish Crimes against humanity!”

The text from an archived version of “Aun Tea Cemite”‘s  GoFundMe, which was later changed to remove anti-semitic rhetoric and imagery.

It looks like whoever setup this GoFundMe is doing so with their Facebook account of the same name, which lists Aurora, CO, as their address. The same city that Briana and Vincent live.

Potentially of note, Briana’s voter registration has her new last name as “Bartinelli”, which is a misspelling of Vincent’s last name “Bertinelli”.

Briana Bertinelli neonazi glowing vegan mile high comics
Briana Bertinelli (left) protesting the September Mile High Comics drag show.

Briana and Vincent like to bond over calling queer people pedophiles and discussing how Jews are everything that’s wrong with the world. This couple’s rabid anti-Semitism and queerphobia is a danger to their community and the broader Jewish and queer communities around them.

Briana and Vincent’s refusal to vaccinate their children is also extremely concerning.

An anti-vax video reshared to by Briana on here YouTube channel

Also concerning is the fact that these two neo-Nazi’s are in charge of taking care of people with disabilities. How will they treat someone who is assigned to them who is Jewish or queer?

It might be worth letting All My Friends Inc. know that they are paying neo-nazis to take care of their disabled clients:


All Friends Inc Contact Form

White supremacy takes many forms, whether it is the ICE concentration camps that dot this land, ecofascist mass shooters in Texas, or alternative health Christian fascists in Aurora. We will identify each and everyone of you and make sure that you will never shake the label of “white supremacist” again.

You chose your path, this is ours.

Anti-Fascists at mile high comics
Solidarity with the Anti-Fascists who showed up to confront these bigots last Sunday at Mile High Comics

UPDATE: May 10, 2021

We have updated some info.

UPDATE: November 9, 2019

We have added more information about Vincent’s hateful activism alongside updated information about him.