Goyim Defense League Member Joey Bounds (CO)

Joseph (Joey) A Bounds is a 31 year old active Neo-Nazi, flat earther living in Denver. Joey is a regular at the fascist protests of LGBTQIA+ events at Mile High Comics, distributes holocaust denial flyers around the Front Range, and travels with the Goyim Defense League on interstate hate bus tours.

Joey Bounds protesting an LGBTQIA+ event at Mile High Comics in September with a cadre of hate groups from Patriot Front, the former Traditionalist Workers Party (1,2), and the Proud Boys (Joshua Gillespie, Nate Wicker, Tony Balderas, Jordan Miller, Jordan Alldredge, and John Davis)

Joey organizes with a small group of rabid anti-semites called the Goyim Defense League (GDL) whose primary target of hate are Jews.

Joey is a dedicated GDL member and has traveled across the country to participate in anti-semitic actions with GDL figurehead Jon Minadeo aka Handsome Truth.

Joey Bounds and Handsome Truth in California doing a typical GDL stunt of publicly stating “Jews Did 9/11”
Joey Bounds flew to San Diego to put up anti-semitic flyers

Unlike most Proud Boys, GDL Nazis like Joey don’t support Donald Trump as they believe he is operating under the control of Jewish elites, who are also suppressing knowledge that the earth is flat.

An anti-semitic meme shared on Joey’s Facebook account.
A flat earth video shared on Joey Bound’s Facebook timeline

Joey’s Facebook account features him having dinner with his favorite Nazi celebrity, Handsome Truth, who runs much of Goyim Defense League’s social media.

Joey Bounds with Handsome Truth
A screen from a Handsome Truth video
Handsome Truth’s partner Nasty Ned describing most of the Goyim Defense League as having positive feelings about Hitler.

Local Activism

On October 20ᵗʰ, Joey Bounds and Vincent Bertinelli dropped an anti-Semitic banner over a highway and were immediately charged by Lakewood PD.

A banner reading "New World Order Is A Jew World Order"
A banner made by Joey and Vincent Bertinelli reading “New World Order Is A Jew World Order”
Joey Bounds and Vincent Bertinelli placing an anti-semitic banner over a highway and then getting a ticket from Lakewood PD
Joey Bounds and Vincent Bertinelli placing an anti-semitic banner over a highway and then getting a ticket from Lakewood PD

Joey makes little attempt to hide his bigotry. Here he is wearing anti-semitic shirt purchased from the GDL webstore at the September Mile High Comics protest.

Joey Bounds at the September Mile High Comics protest wearing an anti-semitic shirt from GDL

Joey’s BitChute account (Nazi YouTube) features several videos of him and fellow Nazis, Vincent Bertinelli, Steven Hildebran, and Joshua Yeakel (TWP) harassing people in Denver with anti-Semitic propaganda.

Videos on Joey’s BitChute account
Vincent Bertinelli, Joey Bounds, and Steven Hildebran spreading anti-semitic propaganda in Denver
Antivax meme posted to Joey's Facebook account
An Anti-vax article posted to Joey’s Facebook


Joey was arrested in 2013 for selling research chemicals. A sawed-off shotgun was found during the raid, as such Joey should be considered armed and dangerous.

Joey’s Facebook lists him as working at Pizza Republica in Greenwood Village, their number is (720)-489-2030

joey_bounds_nazi_tattooFascists in the Denver area have formed a coalition to fight against LGBTQIA+ rights. Colorado Proud Boys are openly allying themselves with self-avowed fascists like the Tradtionalist Workers Party, and anti-semites like Anonymous Denver and GDL. We need everyone on the left to step up and mobilize against the fascists on our streets before they murder again.

Anonymous Denver Antisemitism
Anonymous Denver showing their true colors

Information about Joey can be found here. If you have anymore information, feel free to email at us at cospringsantifa@protonmail.com

Joey Bounds Name The Jew Or Die
A comment on a YouTube video by Joey Bounds