The Ancaps of Colorado – Martin Meyers: Child Predator

Martin Meyers is a 30 year old anti-Semitic Anarcho-Capitalist from Colorado Springs who manages the Facebook page Being Anarcho-Capitalist and is closely aligned with the Colorado Proud Boys. Martin Meyers is a child predator whose most recent ex-girlfriend was barely 17 when they met.

UPDATE 3 – Age of Consent Edition:

February 22, 2020

Martin Meyers with his 17 year old girlfriend. We have censored her for her protection.

Martin Meyers recently went through a major period of depression because his 17 year old girlfriend, beat him up.

Martin raised nearly $2,000 between Facebook and GoFundMe fundraisers after this incident, where he reveals that his girlfriend was paying half of his rent.

Martin’s sob story about how he was abused by the child he was fucking.

This situation happened a month before Martin’s girlfriend turned 18 years old…

Her Facebook birthday confirms this:

According to Martin’s girlfriend, they began dating in May, 2019, which is just 3 months after she turned 17:

Martin Meyers was one of the chuds at the recent Bernie Sanders rally in Denver with the Colorado Proud Boys.
Right to left: Glenn Flenniken, Zak “Enki” Fox, Martin Myers, Louie Huey, Zach Lightner

Colorado Springs Proud Boy Zach Lightner is currently taking care of Martin Meyers after his victim whooped his ass.

Real scumbag hours


January 1st, 2020

Martin Meyers is still a fascist


Just dropping this recent anti-Semitic post featuring Charlottesville attendee and woman beater Shane Reeves


Martin Meyers got his clock cleaned at a Major League Liberty event

Anarcho-capitalist Flag
Anarcho-communist flag

Anarcho-Capitalists (Ancaps) are the black and yellow sheep of the anarchist family. Unlike the other branches of anarchism, Ancaps are only concerned about oppression and hierarchies when it comes from the government or the state. They are less anarchists and more anti-statists. They’re fine with oppression, discrimination, and rigid hierarchies when it springs from an economic basis. They embrace capitalism and suckle at the teat of Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard the way Anarcho-Communists (Ancoms) love Marx and Lenin. Ancaps are often in favor of a stateless society, which we love. They often support things like Balkanization, secession, and the elimination of government above the county level (if that!), which gets us all excited. Unfortunately, they eventually start talking about economics and our eyes kind of glaze over and we look around quickly, hoping no one we know has seen us associating with these rubes.

As Anti-Fascists we try to stay out of politics, but as we all know the personal is political and vice versa. Most of us here at Springs Anti-Fascists are black flag anarchists, some are tankie ancoms, but most of what we do is community self-defense against, as our name implies, fascism. Being a Trump supporter or an evangelical Christian might make you an asshole, but it doesn’t make you a fascist. Being a supporter of small government and individual rights definitely doesn’t make you a fascist. Unfortunately ancaps, despite their small government, individual liberty ethos have no problem whatsoever collaborating with actual fascists. We’ve seen it again and again.

Here in Colorado Springs the Ancaps have a newspaper, The Front Range Voluntaryist, which expounds their philosophy in much the same way the Socialists do with theirs, The Rocky Mountain Revolution. There has been a feud between the two groups for a while, which most of us at Springs Anti-Fascists have observed with disinterest. One group wants to replace the state with corporate oppression, the other with collective oppression. While one group’s oppression might actually improve people’s material conditions, it’s still a choice between two evils.

The ancaps decided to escalate their silly feud with the socialists by attempting to intimidate the socialists at one of their public meetings last month. A group of about 10-15 ancaps showed up outside Iron Bird Brewing with the intention of having some sort of confrontation with the socialists.

The physical intimidation of opposing political parties is kind of a hallmark of fascism, so we decided to look into this. The socialists are a bunch of bougie, craft beer-drinking armchair revolutionaries who aren’t willing to risk confrontation, but we sure are.

The ancaps have a closed Facebook group where they mostly complain about communists and share bad memes. Despite their claims of respect for individual liberty, they seem really bothered by the prospect of people finding an economic system more viable and efficient than capitalism. The group is led by a dude named Martin Meyers, a Denver-based Starbucks barista who has to bum rides down to the Springs (the efficiencies of the free market!). Most ancaps ascribe to what they call the “Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP), which is essentially live and let live. As long as no one violates the NAP, everyone should get along. You would think a bunch of bros drinking overpriced IPAs and talking about Marx in an increasingly-gentrifying part of town wouldn’t violate the NAP, right? Not according to Meyers:

Any actual ancaps who try to call him out on his bullshit get booted from the group:

He doesn’t like aggressive tactics… like showing up en masse outside of a political party’s meeting?
Props to the ancap paraphrasing Shakespeare and calling out their comrades on bullshit.

The dudes who support Meyers and his terrible ideas are typical fascists:

“Deus Vult” is the rallying cry of the Islamophobic, Christian wing of the alt-right. Kenyon George brought home no souvenirs, btw.
Unless carting Meyers’ ass back to Denver empty-handed is a souvenir?

Not only does Meyers want to stop communism, but he is willing to work with deplorable individuals in order to do so. He helped the Proud Boys organize their shit show in Boulder and he worked with the Proud Boys on the security detail for the “March Against Sharia” (he was so good at organizing the event was almost cancelled).

Alexander Beck is a Denver-area Proud Boy and racist asshole who got suspended from Regis University for his “Social Justice Bake Sale.”

Despite his talk of free-markets, free-speech, and beating down the commies, Meyers public appearances largely consist of him standing behind rows of riot police quietly talking with his fascist buddies.

Meyers on the left, next to Thomas Cuccovia with the Ancap flag.

This is the first in a multi-part series, so be sure to come back for more on the ancaps of Colorado.