White Supremacist Zachary West (CO)

Zachary West is a user of the white supremacist matchmaking service Nationalist Connect created by racist YouTuber Way Of The World. Zachary met Patriot Front member Samuel Cordova via Nationalist Connect, and witnessed Samuel planning and enacting his bias motivated crime against a drag queen story hour event in a Colorado Nationalist Connect chat room that our source infiltrated. Zachary lives with his step father in Pueblo West while working at Papa John’s and studying at ECPI University

Additional information about Zachary West can be found here.

Actions items can be found here.

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White Supremacist Proud Boy Dean Daniel Van Zandt Jr. aka The Zodiak Doxxer (CO)

Dean Daniel Van Zandt Jr. lives in Pueblo, Colorado, works at Collins Aerospace, and is a member of the SPLC designated hate group the Proud Boys. Dean is also a white supremacist pagan who publishes false doxx’s of innocent individuals, claiming they are anti-fascists under the name Zodiak Doxxer. Dean runs a Pueblo kink group on Kik called PuebloBDS.

Additional information about Dean can be found here.

A script to contact Dean’s employer can be found here.

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Informants/Infiltrators “Mark Jackson” and “Aimee Walker”

The Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists were infiltrated by people believed to be III%ers or Oathkeepers. They might be law enforcement, but that seems doubtful. They joined us during the lead up to the Milo protest at UCCS. We were just starting out and were too trusting. After some red flags from members we decided to cut them out. Since then, Mark has been calling known associates of our members in an effort to obtain information, and has been trying to get into other Antifa Facebook groups.

UPDATE: Turns out they’re cops

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