White Supremacist Proud Boy Dean Daniel Van Zandt Jr. aka The Zodiak Doxxer (CO)

Dean Daniel Van Zandt Jr. lives in Pueblo, Colorado, works at Collins Aerospace, and is a member of the SPLC designated hate group the Proud Boys. Dean is also a white supremacist pagan who publishes false doxx’s of innocent individuals, claiming they are anti-fascists under the name Zodiak Doxxer. Dean runs a Pueblo kink group on Kik called PuebloBDS.

Additional information about Dean can be found here.

A script to contact Dean’s employer can be found here.

Thank you to SWOantifascists, South East Anti-Racist Action, and the anonymous tips for contributing to this release.



DJ has been terminated from Collins Aerospace.

Fuck Around and Find Out

Dean Daniel Van Zandt Jr. came on our radar after when he began posting doxx’s of alleged anti-fascists. When we reached out to those targeted, we found that his intelligence was very far off, usually linking things together because of one or two small correlations. Dean even went so far as to link an anonymous anti-fascist Twitter account to a woman named Rosa because the Twitter account’s name was Rosa (which is essentially the leftist equivalent of John Doe)

A doxx published to one of Dean’s Twitter accounts.

Like we’ve said before though, the inaccuracy of fascist doxx’s is a function.

Dean has used several Twitter accounts to disseminate these doxx’s but ran up against the wall of the right’s woefully bad infrastructure for distributing this sort of information and him not knowing Twitter’s terms of service.

Here’s Dean’s @DJPOYB account, which features prominent Proud Boy symbolism. “POYB” is an acronym popular among Proud Boys that stands for “Proud Of Your Boy”. Dean’s Twitter bio features the Proud Boy loyalty oath “I’m a proud Western chauvinist, I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”

One of Dean’s Twitter profiles. The link in his bio links to the Zodiak Doxxer blog.

Dean’s other Twitter account, @BackwoodHeathen, is almost identical to @DJPOYB.

Dean’s other Twitter account @BackwoodHeathen.

However, @BackwoodHeathen didn’t always look this way. Here is an earlier version on this account that states that Dean is an “Asatruar” and that he does not “feel guilt of [his] race or thier culture.” Ásatrú is a Norse neopagan religion that has been largely hijacked by white supremacists who want to feel like epic Vikings.

Dean’s “Backwood Heathen” account before he changed the Twitter bio to make it less racist.

Doxxing The Doxxer

Dean likes to pretend that he is not the Zodiak Doxxer, but he blew his cover when he setup the Zodiak Doxxer wordpress blog to host all of his doxx’s (which we got taken down within 24 hours). When you hover over the author of the posts “DinoProud”, you see the URL suffix “backwoodsheathen004” come up. Dean likely setup the WordPress account as “backwoodsheathen004”, then realized it would connect the Zodiak Doxxer and himself, and changed it to DinoProud, not realizing the URL syntax would remain the same.

The Commies didn’t catch you, but the Anarchists did ;).

The gibberish on this page is based on the Zodiac Killer who mailed notes about himself and his murders that were written in codes called ciphers to newspapers. Most of the Zodiac Killer’s ciphers have not been decoded to this day. Dean’s cipher’s however, are technically the simplest cipher’s possible – Caesar’s ciphers, in which each letter is offset by a number. The above cipher is offset by +14 and reads:

Welcome to my Domain, This is where Commie anonymity comes to die For every community they burn for every life they ruin with false claims of nazi I will expose them The commies think they can hide in the crevices of the web and social media that time is over Starting today I will be dropping names family numbers addresses and places of work After all whats good for the goose is good for the gander I will keep posting until all commie sects are fully and thoroughly DOXXED you should have seem this coming and you should have stopped your bullshit but you didnt and now is time for me to rise

This Twitter thread contains the same text as the blog, but with a +19 Caesar cipher


Dean refers to the people he doxx’s as “slaves”, which is what the Zodiac Killer referred to the people he murdered. Dean is threatening violence.

A tweet (top) and a doxx post (bottom) referring to Dean’s victims as “slaves”

“I like killing people because it is so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game in the forrest because man is the most dangeroue anamal of all to kill something gives me the most thrilling experence it is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl the best part of it is thae when I die I will be reborn in paradice and the i have killed will become my slavesI will not give you my name because you will try to sloi down or atop my collectiog of slaves for my afterlife ebeorietemethhpiti”

-The solution to Zodiac Killer’s 408-symbol cipher.

Dean encouraging the murder of “commmies”. “Free Helicopter Rides” is a reference to fascist dictator Pinochet murdering labor unionists and leftists by dropping them out of helicopters.

Dean Van Zandt Jr. was arrested July of last year on suspicion of second-degree assault-strangulation. He also has charges for criminal harassment, and driving while intoxicated. While Dean is innocent until proven guilty and police should be not be trusted blindly, we feel this is worth noting.

Dean attempted to join the Neo-Nazi organization American Guard at some point last year. It’s unknown whether he became fully initiated or not.

Dean being welcomed into an American Guard feeder group on Facebook.

Dean is in good company with his recruit Russell Bergeron.

A Danger to the Kink Community

Dean Van Zandt is active in the Southern Colorado Kink community and runs the Kik group chat PuebloBDS under the name Dan Bluetooth. If you know anyone in the kink community, especially in or around Pueblo, please let them know about this danger to the community.

Dean is also on FetLife

A Boomer at Heart

Dean’s other social media was very easy to find. His main Instagram is full of poorly cropped anti-antifa memes.

The symbol on the skull is a Valknut, a symbol connected to Norse mythology that is very frequently used by white supremacist heathens, but not exclusively.

We’re saving this one.

When Dean isn’t posting bad doxx’s and posting cropped boomer memes, he’s spamming Twitter to gain followers and Retweeting our good friend and Nazi collaborator Louie Huey.


Ya blew it, Dean.



Dean has changed his Twitter handle numerous times since we exposed him. He is currently using the handle @7lives4country.

You can use this link to see Dean’s current profile regardless of if he changes his @ or not.

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