Aurora Proud Boy William Marean (CO)

William Vincent Marean (41) lives in Aurora, Colorado, works as a Quality Assurance Technician for Safeway and is a member of the fascist street gang the Proud Boys. William has mobilized with a number of openly white supremacist organizations and individuals such Defend Denver and the Goyim Defense League and has shared antisemitic and white supremacist propaganda on his social media accounts.

William Marean’s address and phone number can be found on his public voter registration.

Action Items are at the bottom of the post.

William Marean has been involved in right-wing politics for over 15 years, having been involved in pro-Iraq War demonstrations with Protest Warrior, which Marean described on his blog as being a “Pro-Troops, Pro-Israel, Anti-Socialist, Anti-Communist , Anti-Anarchist group.”

William Marean’s profile on (Archive)

William Marean in the Wild

Fast forward to today and William Marean is still on the side of oppression and reaction. On September 29th, 2019, William Marean attended an anti-LGBTQIA+ protest outside of Mile High Comics in Denver as member of the Colorado Proud Boys. Marean marched shoulder to shoulder with open neo-Nazis like members of the former Traditionalist Worker Party, Patriot Front, and the Goyim Defense League.

A labeled group photo of the September 29th, 2019 anti-LGBTQIA+ demonstration outside of Mile High Comics.

William Marean has filmed several left-wing and left-wing adjacent demonstrations on his YouTube channel, including the 2017 May Day rally in Denver, the 2018 Denver Women’s March, a 2019 Bernie Sanders Rally, the 2019 Anti-ICE march in Johnny Choate’s Neighborhood, the J20 anti-fascist mobilization, and a Black Lives Matter demonstration on May 29th, 2021.

William Marean’s YouTube channel, which consists mostly of left-wing surveillance
William Marean taking an ironic photo at Bobby Seale talk at CU Boulder
William Marean and Joshua Frashuer at a Trump Rally in Loveland
Joshua Frashuer with right-wing pseudoscientist Jordan Peterson

Nazi Proud Boy

On social media, William Marean shares white supremacist, anti-LGTBQIA+, and antisemitic content. William has cleaned up his social media profiles of the most overt Nazi content, but not before we saved it. For example, here is a now deleted Facebook post celebrating the white supremacist religion Cosmotheism that was created by William Luther Pierce in an attempt to gain tax exempt status for his neo-Nazi organization National Alliance. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes William Pierce as:

“America’s most important neo-Nazi for some three decades until his death in 2002, was the founder and leader of the National Alliance, a group whose members included terrorists, bank robbers and would-be bombers.”


William Pierce is best known for writing The Turner Diaries under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald, a novel about white supremacists committing worldwide genocide of all non-whites and ‘degenerates’. The Turner Diaries is one of the most relevant pieces of neo-Nazi propaganda and has inspired countless attacks, including the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

On Twitter, William has shared neo-Nazi Devon Stack’s livestream, who wrote a spin-off of The Turner Diaries titled Day Of The Rope. The title is a reference to a part of the The Turner Diaries where the protagonists hang their non-white enemies and their allies from telephone poles.


William also uses Twitter to promote anti-Black race science by arguing that Black people are biology predisposed to having “[l]ow impulse control and low ability to plan for the future […]” These talking points come from the discredited yet highly impactful pseudoscientist Charles Murray.

A now deleted Instagram post suggesting “Jewish pedophiles” are behind antifa.

In a similar vein, this comic posted to Facebook uses dog whistle to suggest that Jewish people are “behind most of the world’s problems.” Note the Star of David, the text “The Final Solution, and the swastika on the bottom left.

On Facebook, William promoted the segregationist conspiracy theory that the Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. were not acting on their own volition, but as pawns to a Communist plot to make America racist.


William is chummy with a lot of Colorado’s scummiest people. Here is William Marean talking about white nationalist Steffan Molyneux to anarcho-capitalist and child predator Martin Meyers.


According to William’s LinkedIn profile, which appears up-to-date, he works for Safeway as a Quality Assurance Technician. Considering that William Luther Pierce has inspired acts of mass terror, it is incredibly concerning that one of his adherents has a job overseeing the safety of beverages and pharmaceuticals.

A full archive of William’s LinkedIn can be found here.

A Tweet from March 2020 corroborates Marean’s employment at Safeway.

Safeway is owned by Albertsons (Archive)

Action Items

1 – Contact Safeway/Albertsons and let them know they are employing a neo-Nazi.


2 – Keep an eye out for William Marean at actions in the Denver area.