Joshua Alexander Yeakel – Unite The Right Participant (CO)

Joshua Alexander Yeakel (39) is a neo-Nazi living in the Denver area who has participated in a number of neo-Nazi activities over the years, including the deadly 2017 Unite The Right white supremacist rally as a member of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Joshua Yeakel is registered to vote at fellow neo-Nazi Russell Frankland’s address in Lakewood, CO

Josh Yeakel’s Nazi activities have been well documented, but we wanted to throw together a quick and dirty timeline of his activities for reference purposes. If we missed anything or got anything wrong, send us an email at

March 4 Trump – March 4th, 2017

Yeakel participated in this pro-Trump demonstration at the Colorado State Capitol alongside Bikers Against Radical Islam, Soldiers of Odin, and the III%ers.

Boulder Free Speech Rally – June 3rd, 2017

Today in Boulder, Colorado the Proud Boys Colorado put on a “Free Speech Rally” in which a handful of Proud Boys, augmented by a bunch of Anarcho-Capitalists motivated entirely by a desire to spite Antifa, milled about awkwardly behind two rows of police barricades while a dozen Boulder PD in riot gear stood behind them and 200 angry counter protestors yelled at them. Why all the outcry over the Proud Boys?

-Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists

March Against Sharia – June 10th, 2017

L-R Josh Yeakel, Hitler Youth 1, William Scott Planer, Hitler Youth 2

The anti-Muslim extremist group ACT for America organized a “March Against Sharia” in multiple cities across the US today. Unicorn Riot was on the ground documenting the event in Denver, as well as a planned antifascist counter-protest.

via Unicorn Riot

Unite The Right – August 12, 2017

Josh Yeakel and Russell Frankland attended the deadly Unite The Rally Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia as members of the now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party.

Top: Joshua Yeakel at Unite The Right, August 2017
Bottom: Joshua Yeakel with Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg, October 2017

More photos of Yeakel at Unite The Right

Freedom Rally – October, 2017

This photo from an October 2017 “Freedom Rally” finds Louie Huey standing next to Denver-Area Nazi and former Traditionalist Worker Party (RIP) leader, Josh Yeakel.

TPUSA Asskicking – February 3, 2018

Josh Yeakel showed up the Traditionalist Worker Party at a TPUSA event and were forced off campus by brave anti-fascists.

Never Again action – July 19, 2019

Josh Yeakel and Russell Frankland attended a Never Again anti-ICE demonstration in Denver and met future WLM organizer Teran McKinney.

Bluebird Theater – August 19th, 2019

Vincent Bertinelli (Middle) with Joshua Yeakal (Middle left) and Steven Hildebran (Right)

Josh Yeakel attended a protest of an all age drag show at Bluebird Theater alongside the Goyim Defense League and reactionary street preachers. The event was symapthetically covered by snitch protest livestreamer Cut The Plastic aka Brian Loma.

Mile High Comics – August 25th, 2019

Josh Yeakel joined the Proud Boys, Louie Huey, Goyim Defense League, Anonymous Denver, and reactionary street preachers to protest a family drag event at Mile High Comics.

Mile High Comics – September 30th, 2019

A labeled group photo of the September 29th, 2019 anti-LGBTQIA+ demonstration outside of Mile High Comics.

Josh Yeakel joined the Proud Boys, Goyim Defense League, Anonymous Denver, and reactionary street preachers to protest a family drag event at Mile High Comics.

“Name The Nose Tour” – November 3, 2019

Josh Yeakel joined the Goyim Defense League as they spread Nazi propaganda around Colorado.

GDL Colorado Tour Group Photo Labeled
A group photo of the GDL and TWP Nazis after a weekend of hate crimes
A sampling of the materials handed out in Boulder.

Surveilling Leftist Meetings – Early 2020

Josh spent some time surveilling leftist meetings in Denver, including the IWW and Extinction Rebellion.

He also showed up to an anti-fascist’s court dates.

Free Julian Assange Demo – January 14, 2020

Josh Yeakel, Russell Frankland, and Kenny from Anonymous Denver attended a Free Julian Assange demo in Denver. Denver Free Assange later denounced the Nazis.

PSL No War with Iran Demo – January 26, 2020

Josh Yeakel, Russell Frankland, and Samuel Cordova showed up to a PSL anti-war demonstration with a few other neo-Nazis. PSL security made the decision not to ask the Nazis to leave.

Intimidating 9News’ Jeremy Jojola – February 27, 2020

Russell Frankland, Joshua Yeakel, and Samuel Cordova showed up at 9News reporter Jeremy Jojola’s house in an attempt to intimidate him in response to his reporting on Samuel Cordova’s Nazi activity.

Broomfield Drag Queen Story Hour – March 1, 2020

Joshua Yeakel and William Planer

Anti-Proud Boy Arc – Summer 2020

Josh and Russell turned on the Proud Boys during the George Floyd uprising and began doxing their members on their now defunct blog.

Russell Frankland and Josh Yeakel counter-protesting disgraced Proud Boy Louie Huey at an anti-vax rally in Denver.

Stop The Steal Rally – November 13, 2020

Denver neo-Nazi Russell Frankland at the Denver “Stop The Steal” rally looking like two kids stacked on top of each other trying to sneak into a R-Rated movie. His chaperone Josh Yeakel was supervising him, as always.