Lucas Martin: Hitler Fanboy and “Name the Nose CO” Tour Participant (CO)

Lucas James Martin is a neo-Nazi living in Lone Tree, CO. Born in 1993, he is either 25 or 26 years old, and for the past seven years, has worked as a barista at the nearby King Soopers Starbucks on Holly St. in Centennial. Lucas is affiliated with the former Traditionalist Workers Party (now known as Black Shirts for Social Credit) as well as the Goyim Defense League.

Additional information about Lucas James Martin can be found here

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Neo-Nazi Flat Earther Steve Hildebran (CO)

Steven Andreas Hildebran is a 36 year old Neo-Nazi and amateur rapper who lives with his parents in Colorado Springs. Steven allegedly works at Lee Hing Food Services as a Warehouse Driver.

Additional information about Steven has been published here.

Steven Andreas Hildebran

Steve Hildebran has been harassing the queer community in Denver for the past 6 months by posting up outside of drag events and calling all of the attendees pedophiles. These actions have been coordinated by an unholy alliance of members of the now defunct Nazi gang the Traditionalist Workers Party (Joshua Yeakal, Russell Frankland) Colorado Proud Boys (Louis Huey), and Anonymous Denver.

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