Kirk Widlund – Nazi Executive Producer at 710 KNUS (CO)


Kirk Widlund is a Neo-Nazi and the host of the Keeping America Great podcast, as well as Executive Producer for the Steffan Tubbs Show, The American Veteran’s Show, The Craig Silverman Show, and Bird Talk, on the Denver conservative talk radio station 710 KNUS, owned by Salem Media. Kirk lives with his parents in Aurora and is a registered Republican.

Additional information about Kirk Widlund can be found here.


Kirk fronts as a typical MAGA chud on air and on his publicly facing social media – he stans for Donald Trump, stands with ICE, condemns Black Lives Matter, all the typical conservative stuff.

A screenshot of the Keeping America Great Podcast with bio text that reads: Keeping America Great With Kirk Widlund Kirk Widlund is a former liberal who has seen the Right. The son of a college-educated Navy veteran and college-educated mother. A true Colorado Native. After interning for radio legend Mike Rosen, Kirk has been executive producer of some of your favorite 710 KNUS programs for nearly four years. Now with a platform for spout off on the hot-button issues of the day, join him in Keeping America Great.
Kirk’s podcast on 710 KNUS (Archive)
Kirk Widlund's former twitter account @KirkKNUS, featuring the bio text "Executive producer of centrist, right-wing, & American veteran-focused radio based here in the Mile High City. It's okay to be a Smirkin' Nationalist ????????????????"
One of Kirk’s deleted profile. Looks pretty normal besides the reference to the white supremacist “It’s Okay To Be White” meme.

Kirk’s posts take a slight turn to the right on the Russian social media website VK, which is a hotbed for Neo-Nazis as they don’t enforce hate speech violations.

A VK post of a photo of Adolph Hitler by Kirk Widlund

A VK post by Kirk Widlund of American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell in front of a Nazi flag
George Lincoln Rockwell is the founder of the American Nazi Party

These aren’t just one-offs, there are dozens of theses posts on his profile (Archive).

An article shared by Kirk Widlund on VK, written by National Alliance titled "Berlin: The Degeneracy that the National Socialists Crushed"
An article written by National Alliance, whose works inspired the Oklahoma City federal building bombing that killed 168 people.

A VK photo shared by Kirk with a child-friendly aesthetic that reads "Imagine a city less crowded... do your part hang niggers ! Yay !

Kirk’s position that the US was on the wrong side of WWII will surely please his listeners on The American Veteran’s Show.

A VK post written by Kirk that reads "The sad fact of the matter is that there has been no book written; no words put to print; no joke constructed and performed on stage; no music group formed; no piece of instrumentation conducted; no "epic space opera" put to film; no technological feat; no wonderdrug discovered; nothing at all, that justifies or soothes the truth: we fought on the Jewish side of WW2 (Communism/Marxism and Zionism), and thus every societal ill conjured up in the last century or so has been a direct result of fighting on that wrong side."

Steffan Tubbs and Kirk Widlund holding badges. Stephan's says "Visitor" and Kirk's says "Salem Media"
Steffan Tubbs, host of The American Veterans Show and Kirk Widlund, Executive Producer of The American Veterans Show

Kirk’s love of Hitler went so far that he went out of his way to make the URL to his account “AdolphPhan”

A screenshot of Kirk Widlund's VK profile and his custom URL ""

We found Kirk when combing through Lone Tree Neo-Nazi Lucas Martin’s VK account. Great OpSec, boys.

A photo posted on VK of Adolph Hitler in the snow. Kirk Widlund is in the comments saying "Amazing Hero."

Lucas Martin and Kirk Widlund worked at King Soopers together, then both attended Colorado Media School. While at CMS, Kirk interned at 850 KOA for The Mike Rosen Show, he then went on to work at 710 KNUS.

A screenshot of Kirk's LinkedIn resume showing him working at 710KNUS, King Soopers, and Colorado Media School
Kirk Widlund’s LinkedIn resume (Archive).
Lucas Martin's LinkIn resume, showing him having attended Colorado Media School and working at King soopers
Neo-Nazi Lucas Martin and Kirk Widlund worked at King Soopers and attended CMS at the same time (Archive).

Lucas Martin expounds on his friendship with Kirk Widlund in the comments section of a Neo-Nazi terrorist organization logo.

A conversation between Lucas Martin and a friend named Mandy Ross about their mutual friend "Kirk Widlund"

A conversation between Lucas Martin and a friend named Mandy Ross about their mutual friend "Kirk Widlund"
Lucas talking about Kirk Widlund to a mutual friend over a Combat 18 image.

Lie With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

Kirk’s influence at 710 KNUS and the broader Colorado right cannot be downplayed. Here he is in studio with Steve Barlock, the head of Trump’s 2016 Colorado campaign and 2018 Gubernatorial candidate.

Here is Kirk with Craig Silverman, the 710 KNUS host who was recently ousted from the station for criticizing Trump.

Kirk is also regularly featured as a guest commentator on 710 KNUS shows like The Randy Corporon Show and Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn.

The Steffan Tubbs Show has featured a number of white nationalist allies lately, including 2nd Degree Colorado Proud Boy Louie Huey, and Nick Fuentes stan Michelle Malkin

Louie Huey

Louie Huey and his Colorado Proud Boys regularly attend protests with white nationalists and Neo-Nazis. Here’s Louie giving a fist bump to Neo-Nazi Steve Hildebran at an anti-LGBT protest outside of Mile High Comics.

Two photos. Lucas Martin on the left with water being poured into his eye while he wears a Nazi SS Totenkopf on his shirt. The right photo is Lucas and Steve Hildebran standing next to each other at the same event. Steve is holding a sign that says "CHOMOS NOT WELCOME"
Lucas and Steve were wearing the same shirts featuring Nazi SS Totenkopfs a top Sonnengrads.
A screenshot of Steve Hildebran's VK profile, showing him wearing the same Nazi SS Totenkopf and "CHOMOS NOT WELCOME SIGN" along with a confederate flag mask
Steve Hildebran’s VK profile, showing him wearing the same Nazi shirt Lucas was wearing.
A Flyer for the August Mile High Comics Protest featuring a swastika on top of a Guy Fawkes mask
A flyer for the protest Louie Huey attended.

The Colorado Proud Boys don’t hide their alliance with Neo-Nazis either. Here is Antonio “Enki” Balderas, vetting officer for the Colorado Proud Boys, marching shoulder to shoulder with members of the former Traditionalist Workers Party, calling them “our friends”

Louie Huey was recently featured in a series by 9News about the rise of hate crimes in Colorado, alongside Patriot Front vandal Samuel Cordova, and Atomwaffen figurehead James Mason.

This reporting lead to Colorado Proud Boy Joshua Michael Gillipsie threatening News9 Reporter Jeremy Jojola and his family.

The first part of this series that covered James Mason, whose work has inspired numerous murders, rubbed Kirk Widlund the wrong way.

A VK Post by Lucas Martin linking to the News9 reporting on James Mason. Lucas is encouraging his followers to leave thumbs down the video and

Michelle Malkin

Steffan Tubbs is also very fond of Michelle Malkin, who hosted a pro-ICE rally outside of the Aurora ICE concentration camp run by GEO. Michelle Malkin was recently fired by Young America’s Foundation for vocally supporting the Holocaust denying white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

A VK post featuring the anti-semitic Happy Merchant cartoon sitting in front of a computer next to a section of the Wikipedia entry for The Holocaust with text edited to exagerate what happend during the genocide.
A holocaust denial meme shared by Kirk Widlund

A Good Nazi is a Banned Nazi

Kirk Widlund smirking with his hand to his chin in a KNUS studio

Kirk hides his “power level” pretty well, but we’re not the first to notice something fashy about him. All of Kirk’s Twitter accounts are banned, even the one for his podcast on 710 KNUS, which might have something to do with him allegedly laughing about the white supremacist terrorist who shot up the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

A post by Kirk on VK that reads: "Honk honk, bitches. Twitter, the last ZOG platform that I was allowed to be on, finally ax'd my account for calling out a Jewess who was pushing fake news. So, no more tweeting for me."
ZOG stands for “Zionist Occupation Government” and is a reference to an anti-semitic conspiracy theory pushed by Identity Christians, the Ku Klux Klan, and other anti-Semites.

Color Us Shocked…

How could it be that a radio station whose hosts vocally support ICE Concentration Camps, the anti-democratic Republican Party and hate groups like the Proud Boys would provide a safe space for a Hitler loving Neo-Nazi? The contemporary mainstream right is only a few notches away from full on 1488 white nationalism. As the openly white supremacist right demands the Neo-Cons and Tea Partyers to bend the knee, we are going to be seeing a lot more of this.

A screenshot of on air shows on 710 KNUS
Some of the shows on 710 KNUS, including Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” and The Mark Levin Show
A music video shared by Kirk on VK titled
Mr. Bond is a Neo-Nazi rapper.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank to our dear friend Lucas Martin for putting Kirk on our radar (and in turn, Vincent Bertinelli for sending Lucas our way).


A photo shared on Kirk's VK account of a Nazi soldier holding an MG42 machinegun with text

Update 3:


Kirk Widlund has been fired from 710 KNUS.

Update 2:


Steffan Tubbs has responded to our reporting, and has alleged, without evidence, that we forged Kirk Widlund’s entire VK profile that goes back 2 years to when he opened the account. You can download a full archive of Kirk’s VK timeline here.

Steffan Tubbs is refusing to provide evidence that our research was forged, and is instead making non-committal threats of a lawsuit.

Update 1:


Since being exposed, Kirk has changed the URL on his VK account and then deleted it.

A photo of Adolf Hitler posted by Lucas Martin on VK, with a comment by Kirk Widlund highlighted that reads "Amazing Hero."
The same comment as above, but note that Kirk’s profile has the generic avatar that denotes a deleted account.
A screenshot of Kirk Widlund's deleted VK profile. The URL is
Kirk changed his VK URL from to

Steffan Tubbs said Kirk was out of the studio today “on assignment”. Someone seems to have tried to ask Steffan about his Neo-Nazi executive producer, but the call was disconnect as soon as it was mentioned. No more calls were taken for the rest of the show.