The Ancaps of Colorado – Mike Morris

In our last update we looked at how a coalition of ancaps, more or less led by Martin Meyers, came together (voluntarily! very important) to fight what they saw as the most pressing threat to the American way of life: communists! This “better dead than red” club seems to have been formed partially at the behest of Colorado Springs’ Mike Morris.

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Jewish Community Center Vandalized

Last weekend this sticker appeared on the door of a Jewish community center in Colorado Springs. KKTV 11 has security camera footage of the people responsible, but the footage is grainy and it’s hard to make out the faces. We have a list of possible suspects, if anyone is interested in actually doing anything about it.

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Report Back – Denver March Against Sharia 6/10/17

Denver’s “March Against Sharia” was hot as fuck. Next time we’re going with mesh bloc. The protest itself was about what we’ve come to expect from these freedom loving, small government-advocating, tough guy types: they spend about an hour shouting at leftists behind multiple lines of law enforcement, get bored, and then end their rally early, and go home escorted by phalanxes of cops. Their rally didn’t seem particularly substantive, which again is about what we expected.

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Nazi Graffiti in Southeast Colorado Springs

Over the weekend Nazi stickers of swastikas, SS lightning bolts, and white supremacist stickers reading “Kiss My White Ass” and advocating against interracial relationships popped up in the Deerfield Hills and Soaring Eagles neighborhoods in Southeast Colorado Springs.

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Informants/Infiltrators “Mark Jackson” and “Aimee Walker”

The Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists were infiltrated by people believed to be III%ers or Oathkeepers. They might be law enforcement, but that seems doubtful. They joined us during the lead up to the Milo protest at UCCS. We were just starting out and were too trusting. After some red flags from members we decided to cut them out. Since then, Mark has been calling known associates of our members in an effort to obtain information, and has been trying to get into other Antifa Facebook groups.

UPDATE: Turns out they’re cops

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An Open Letter

An open letter to the folks attempting to doxx Anti-Fascists:

So you want to doxx us? You want to reveal to the world that we are… what exactly? Communists? Anarchists? Violent thugs? Privileged white college students? Social Justice Warriors? Queers? Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and non-binary-but-still-valid family in the fight against oppression? Continue reading “An Open Letter”

Neo-Nazi John Tyler Dembowski

All the news coverage of Antifa groups, particularly after the incidents at Berkeley, has really gotten people riled up. White dudes everywhere are MAD ON THE INTERNET! So what do they do? The same shit they always do, bluff and bluster and make veiled threats. Like this dude who lives in Colorado Springs:

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