Samantha Jenaye Humphries aka Mikayla Tȟóksape – Capitol Siege Attendee & Nazi Collaborator (CO)

Samantha Humphries, 34, is a frequent member of far-right and openly fascist demonstrations, groups, and coalitions such as the Proud Boys, Anonymous Denver, Defend Denver, and the Goyim Defense League. Samantha works at Brown’s Greenhouse in Arvada and uses the alias Mikayla Tȟóksape in public. Samantha has attended a number of Stop The Steal protests in Washington DC, including the most recent on January 6th where the United States Capitol building was stormed.

UPDATE: 2/28/2022

Samantha is now living on a boat with her flat-earther white rapper boyfriend in Stuart, Florida.

Capitol Siege

Samantha Humphries outside the Capitol Building with rappers Forgiato Blow, NashvillainOG, & Stilmatic.

On January 6th, Samantha Humphries posted several photos and videos to her Facebook from the Washington DC Trump Rally as it turned into a siege of the Capitol Building. It does not appear that Samantha entered the building, though she was certainly part of the crowd that pushed up to the Capitol that provided support for the people who did break in. Below is one of several videos Samantha posted to her Facebook on January 6th:

Samantha even got close to the infamous Q Shaman (Jake Angeli), who is now facing federal charges for breaking into the Capitol Building. After the riot, Samantha took to Facebook to defend Jake from accusations that he is an Antifa agent-provocateur.

The comment section of Samantha’s siege live streams are unsurprisingly toxic. Vincent Bertinelli, a neo-Nazi living in Aurora who Samantha knows well, stopped by to leave anti-Semitic comments:

Vincent is a core member of the neo-Nazi group the Goyim Defense League and is a longtime associate of Samantha Humphries. The two regularly share space at far-right protests.

Samantha’s Nazi Ties

Here is Samantha at an anti-LGBTQIA+ protest outside of Mile High Comics on August 25, 2019. Pictured next to her is Vincent Bertinelli, and United Skinhead Nation member Lucas Martin.

Vincent Bertinelli and MiKayla Thóksape at Mile High Comics on August 25ᵗᵐ
Vincent Bertinelli and Samantha Humhpries, and Lucas Martin (back) at Mile High Comics on August 25ᵗᵐ, 2019
A labeled group photo of the September 29th, 2019 anti-LGBTQIA+ demonstration outside of Mile High Comics.

Samantha posted a flyer on her Facebook promoting this event the day of:

An alternate version of the flyer was shared three days prior by Steve Hildebran, a neo-Nazi in Colorado Springs who is an associate of Samantha’s and one of the organizers of the Mile High Comics protest:

A Flyer for the August Mile High Comics Protest featuring a swastika on top of a Guy Fawkes mask

Here is Samantha with Steve Hildebran at an anti-vax and anti-abortion protest in March of 2019:

Samantha Humphries with Steve Hildebran and Kenny Bartholomey in Denver on March 16 2019.
Neo-Nazi Flat Earther Steve Hildebran of Colorado Springs

Samantha likes the Goyim Defense League so much she even bought one of their shirts. This one in particular features a Star of David and suggests that all recent major mass shootings are actually Jewish hoaxes.

samantha humphries GDL Crisis actor shirt
Samantha Humphries wearing a shirt from the neo-Nazi group Goyim Defense League that suggest that all contemporary mass shootings are Jewish hoaxes.

The Goyim Defense League wore these same “Crisis Actor” shirts on the 2019 “Colorado Name The Nose” tour in which they drive around Colorado in a van covered in anti-Semitic hate speech, harassed Jewish people, and handed out Holocaust denial flyers.

GDL Colorado Tour Group Photo Labeled
A group photo of the GDL and TWP Nazis after a weekend of hate crimes
Some of the propaganda distributed by the Goyim Defense League

Samantha also has ties to Defend Denver (formerly known as Colorado Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP)), has actively promoted the group on social media, and stood shoulder to shoulder with them at anti-LGBTQIA+ protests.

Samantha Humphries promoting the neo-Nazi group Defend Denver on Facebook.

Samantha took some very helpful group photos at the September 29th, 2019 Mile High Comics protest. This was a confluence of Proud Boys, Anonymous Denver, and Goyim Defense League members.

A labeled group photo of the September 29th, 2019 anti-LGBTQIA+ demonstration outside of Mile High Comics.

And of course, like virtually every fascist in Colorado, Samantha is close with Colorado Proud Boy Louie Huey. Here is a selfie Samantha posted with Denver Proud Boys Louie Huey, Antonio “Enki” Balderas, and Joshua Gillespie as they counter-protested one of the first Denver marches in response to the murder of George Floyd.

Samantha Humphries and Louie Huey posing with Proud Boys Washington DC on December 12th, 2020.
Samantha Humphries posing for a photo with Proud Boys in Washington DC on December 12th, 2020.

Samantha bounces around from fascist clique to fascist clique and the Proud Boys are her nest. She appears to have been ousted from the Defend Denver milieu during beef with the Proud Boys, which resulted in Defend Denver linking to an article about her arrest for a shooting, thus revealed her name.

Personal Views

While Samantha may know just about every neo-Nazi in the Denver area, that doesn’t mean she shares those views, right? Uh, well…

In the comments of an online video, Samantha alludes to a conspiracy theory that “men in small hats” (Jewish people wearing yamakas) are leveraging the “lgbtq movement” to sexually assault children.

Mikayla alluding to a Jewish conspiracy to sexually assault children

She has also peddled the unfounded anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews control the media.

A now deleted Tweet from Samantha promoting the unfounded anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews control the media (Archive).

Lately Samantha has been promoting Fox News-tier anti-Immigrant racism:

Samantha promoting an anti-immigrant conspiracy theory.

Samantha very closely identified with Anonymous Denver there is a good chance she managed their Facebook page, which promoted anti-Semitic and homophobic messages to their followers:

Anonymous Denver Antisemitism
Anonymous Denver describing the owner of Mile High Comics
Anonymous Denver sharing a popular white nationalist meme that the concept of “racism” is an evil communist plot.


Despite being an Indigenous woman, Samantha Humphries is one of the most active fascist organizers in the Denver metro area. She is connected to everyone from the (former) Traditionalist Worker Party, to MAGA Patriots, to Flat Earth Nazis, to the Proud Boys. Samantha is proof that the Conspiracy Theory rabbit-hole always leads to fascism when you go down it deep enough.

Action Items

1. Contact Brown’s Greenhouse and politely let them know they are employing a fascist organizer.


Samantha working at Brown’s

2. Whoever tagged Samantha’s dumpster in June, pat yourself on the back!
Hit us up with her address: